VNC Trusted Advisory Program



The urgent need for on-demand Technology leaders to enable strategies that meet the challenges of today’s fast evolving business climate has paved the way for VNCs Trusted Advisory Services Program (VTAP).

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Be honest with yourself ... are you an IT leader suffering from misalignment with the business, consistent project delays​ and failures, technology debt, business losing confidence in the technology team, not enough time or money to get things done, or difficulty executing on innovation?

Is this you ?
You may need VTAP

Our VNC executives and SMEs represent an elite and experienced team of technology leaders collectively serving public, private, and private-equity owned organizations across many industries. We have experience working with IT and business leaders solving problems to get companies back on track as well as drive innovation enabling tremendous success and revenue.

Clients engage with our world-class executives in technology leadership and SME roles via innovative and compelling arrangements that plan execution and provide consistent oversight on major technology programs, an approach we’ve named VTAP

VTAP is a long term membership program providing clients year long access to our elite leaders, SMEs and Services enabling speed, efficiently, and the realization of tremendous growth and opportunity. 

​Short List of Membership Benefits

  • Your own assigned CTO/CIO/CISO

  • Technology Strategy alignment to business plan

  • Cloud Assessment, Development, Operations

  • Immediate cost savings applied to innovation

  • High performance organization 

  • Alignment of key initiatives to technology strategy

  • On time delivery and cost control

  • Process & Operations optimizion and automation 

  • Assess & Enhance technology architecture 

  • Identify technology disruptors and business trends

  • VNCPropel knowledge Platform

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VTAP is based on our proprietary VNCPropel knowledge platform designed to accelerate business outcomes by helping companies get back on track, ensure successful digital transformations, and articulate complex solutions up and down the organization. We organized our services into different levels of membership to address the key issues clients are facing as well as make it affordable to engage with us all year long.



For the IT leader who has not yet started a digital transformation and wants a review of current technology, process, tools, and/or team skillsets to create a baseline. This IT leader is interested in establishing that baseline to better understanding options for optimizing systems, process, tools, software development, and deployment capabilities with the goal towards future digital transformations such as cloud, analytics and more.


We work with the IT leader and leadership team to standardize and consolidate current technologies and platforms to ensure IT is ready to service the business today into the future. 


SILVER + additional benefits geared toward the IT leader who is actively implementing some level of a digital transformation. This IT leader may require guidance and direction to ensure the right priorities, solutions, and capabilities are aligned and in place for future state success.


We provide the IT leader with more in-depth advice and guidance focusing on executing real projects and programs to ensure success for today and tomorrow. This package adds additional onsite and teleconference advisory sessions ensuring we are always there for guidance and direction of key programs and any subjects that may be happening in real time.


Our most advanced membership geared toward the IT leader and leadership team who needs everything in SILVER and GOLD membership in addition to the need to simplify and improve the articulation and communication of digital transformation to Boards, Private equity/Venture Capital firms, c-suite, or any other executive stakeholders. This typically includes an array of key programs and changes being coordinated across people, process tools and emerging technologies such as cloud, data & analytics, IoT.

Through workshops and additional 1:1 guidance, we work with the the IT leader and leadership team ensuring robust strategies, key programs, and best practices are not only in place, but can also be articulated and communicated to stakeholders, boards and c-level leaders.

VTAP Memberships




20% OFF

  • Year long dedicated CTO

  • 1 day Discovery session

  • Business 360 Assessment

  • Choose up to 3 technology assessments

  • Up to 4 schedule project reviews calls

  • Up to 4 advisory calls on any subject

  • Up to 3 on-site project reviews

  • Up to 2 addtl' on-site advisory sessions

  • VNC CTO onsite for 4-5 weeks

  • Leadership Workshops



15% OFF

  • Year long dedicated CTO

  • 1 day Discovery session

  • Business 360 Assessment

  • Choose up to 2 technology assessments

  • Up to 3 schedule project reviews calls

  • Up to 3 advisory calls on any subject

  • Up to 2 on-site project reviews

  • Up to 2 addtl' on-site advisory sessions

  • VNC CTO onsite for 1-2 weeks



10% OFF

  • Year long dedicated CTO 

  • 1 day Discovery session

  • Business 360 Assessment

  • Choose an addtl' technology assessment

  • Up to 2 schedule project reviews calls

  • Up to 2 advisory calls on any subject


Anthony Maiello

Founder, Board

Background Screening | Energy | Travel Financials

Mission driven growth technology leader with over 35 years’ experience in a broad array of industries. Passionate problem solver and authentic communicator with proven track record for building successful teams in large corporate and smaller private equity environments

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Kristin Kelly Janacek

DSO, Partner

Energy | Fitness | Aerospace

Passionate for solving complex challenges, Kristin repetitively brings solutions to reality for the customer resulting in measurable business value by bringing forward best practices to create relevant and sustainable solutions. She brings over 15 years of experience of leadership, design thinking, strategy and complex problem solving.


Ken Caird

CTO, Partner

Energy & Electric Utilities

Over 40 years’ experience in the Electric Utility automation field for large public companies as well as small startups. Deep and widely recognized expertise in a wide range of utility Smart Grid automation fields spanning transmission, distribution, and microgrids.


Surj Ramlogan

CTO, Partner

Healthcare | Travel | Aerospace

With 30 years experience, Surj led the development and launch of large, complex healthcare and commercial solutions; champions and executes business objectives through servant leadership, customer advocacy, technology, and agile processes. Full lifecycle experience.

surj half body copy.jpg