A Data-Driven Technology Strategy


Recognizes four powerful data-driven methods proven to accelerate, design, enable and implement a well-defined and actionable technology strategy aligned to business goals and ROI delivering the products of tomorrow. 

Insight is necessary for leaders who are looking for rapid, accurate and effective data driven decision making on technology direction and strategy.

VNCBluePrint is a mission critical platform that continuously collects and analyzes data (your financial, machine, stakeholder, customer, and industry data) using Artificial Intelligence and human expertise to generate actions designed to enable company executives with the insight to make the right decisions on technology programs that deliver business goals, and internal communication helping get buy-in, establish collaboration, and avoid costly misguided mistakes. 

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As companies grow, it's not uncommon to experience the need to "get back on track" in order to drive revenue growth and control costs. It's also not uncommon for company executives to be concerned about security, especially as you're adding new technology such as cloud capabilities.

VNCValueAnalysis is a set of proven assessments that uses data (yours and industry data) to stabilize, optimize, scale and secure systems protecting existing investments, lowering cost and increasing margin while also weighing the benefits of a more effective and advanced future state.


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We have encapsulated over 3 decades experience in delivering enterprise software systems across multiple technologies and industries with the technology and capabilities we now offer our clients in our VNCBuild framework.

VNCBuild provides software, services and a design development platform to drive the project management, architecture, development, testing, and deployment services focused on building and delivering robust software on time and within budget enabling bottom line growth, revenue and new business outcomes.

In the process of enabling our clients, we also want to ensure all our clients are able to support and maintain the leadership, process and skill sets necessary to keep the ball moving on their own while also continuing to capitalize on using our Data Driven CTOPropel platform tools and process.

CTOAcademy provides on-line courses, training, workshops and coaching enabling our clients to keep delivering insight and innovative technology strategy solutions aligned to business goals. 

VNCPropel will soon be available as a service via the cloud.

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