Electric Utilities VAR/VVO wins with 5G and IoT - PART 2

By Ken Caird, Chief technology Officer, Energy & Utilities at VNCTech Group 

In my previous blog in this series, I discussed the impact of 5G on Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and what financial impact it can have for utilities. Please feel free to check my previous article on how Electric Utilities CVR wins with 5G and IoT by going to my VNCTech Group Energy & Utilities page scrolling under "Publications".


CVR was about reducing load on distribution feeders and peak power reduction. In this article I discuss Voltage and Volt Amp Reactive (VAR) Optimization (VVO). I’d like to present three use cases where traditional VVO supplemented with 5G, low cost sensors, and IoT technology will deliver significant cost savings to electric utilities. 


Use case #1

VVO is a program designed to reduce losses or in other words increase efficiency on a distribution feeder. These types of losses are referred to as technical losses, whereas theft of power is termed a non-technical loss. Technical losses can be as high as 5 to 7 % of total load of a feeder. If you translate that into fuel costs you can see ...


Use case #2

5G and low cost IoT voltage sensors (below $100/sensor) located at the customer premises will give the VVO application real time access to customer voltage information. This may be a smart meter or any IoT device in the home or a specifically designed voltage sensor. By implementing IoT and specific software applications, VVO will be provided ...



Use case #3

We know the biggest technical loss on a distribution feeder is VAR losses caused by electric motors. Electric motors are ubiquitous and can be found in factories, air conditioners, refrigerators, furnaces, etc. Motors are inductive thus they absorb VAR’s. Utilities compensate for the motor VAR losses by placing capacitors at strategic points along a feeder. Capacitors inject VARs and thus compensate for the VAR’s used by the motors. Again, engineering estimates are used in placement of these capacitors and when to turn capacitors on and off. Again, there is little real time measurement if any of VAR’s or Power Factor conditions along a feeder.

Once again, 5G and low-cost VAR/Voltage sensors play a key role in optimizing the reduction of VAR losses. With the right applications and IoT configuration l


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