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As companies grow, its not uncommon to experience the need to "get back on track" in order to continue revenue growth and cost control. VNCTech Group's decades of experience can determine the severity of the situation and how it can be turned around through analysis resulting in an action plan stating the issues, how to fix the situation, key strategies to turn the entity in a positive direction, and a cash flow forecast.  


Following our proven VNCTech Group approach to solving problems, our first task is identifying all the major stakeholders within the company and work with them to diagnose the situation. We use the combined knowledge of all stakeholders and our VNC experience to develop a turnaround plan and actionable strategy.

Typical operational strategies may include increasing revenue, reducing costs, selling and redeploying assets, and competitive repositioning. Strategic initiatives may include adopting sound corporate and business strategies and tactics and setting specific goals and objectives that align with the ultimate goals of stakeholders.

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VNCTech Group Stabilization assessments take you through a structured and holistic approach to identifying the underlying causes of instability, and the provision of pragmatic, actionable advice based on years of practical experience. The challenge our VNC Stability assessment approach tackles for clients is understanding the root causes of instability and control failures and not just the symptoms.

Operational Optimzation

VNCTech Group's Optimization Services aim to streamline operations within a project process, maximize resource use and improve overall business output. It is a significant element of business decision-making.

Output is an actionable set of recommendations to overhaul outdated, repetitive practices and automate them to create a smarter system. It also provides a clearer view of business processes by uniting all operations under a single solution.

Organization Optimization

An analysis focused on cutting waste and maximizing resources by laying out issues and recommendations enabling development & project teams to become far more efficient, saving time and money.

Process Optimization

With constant optimization at every stage of software development, testing and deployment, teams can spot risk factors and issues early on and rectify them before they escalate enabling the right mix of agile and other methodologies. Automation may be introduced to reduce human error and improve accountability.

What Our Clients Say

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Adrian C., CEO

"This approach was more actionable, in-depth, delivered in less time, and for less money than all the high priced consulting firms that came through here in the past!"