The Truth About Digital Transformation

By Anthony Maiello, CEO & Founder VNCTech Group & VNC Technologies

A few years back I made a presentation at a CIO conference in Dallas Texas to a group of technology and business executives on digital transformation. This was at a point in time when the term "digital transformation" wasn't overused and basically meant something real. The group was interested in hearing what I had accomplished over the years on approach and implementation of a technology transformation within public and private companies. The presentation was well received and later posted for everyone to download.


Since taking on various new roles over the last several years, and engaging more in technical professional advisory services, I have had the opportunity to work with many great public and private companies from various industries in need of technology transformations thus really enhancing my knowledge in this area. I am writing this short article to summarize what I have learned and observed in technology transformations over the last 35 years including the most recent in trusted advisory services roles as well as understanding how to execute in a post pandemic world.


Know The "WHYs"

First and foremost and sounds obvious … make sure all stakeholders understand why the company needs a technology transformation in the first place. Don’t assume anything! By ensuring you are in synch on the “WHYs”, you will not only achieve better results, you will also keep your sanity. The “WHYs” usually fall into following buckets:


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