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The travel and hospitality industry is seeing a wave of unprecedented change:

  • COVID-19 continues to be a challenge across this industry for airlines, hotels, travel agencies, travelers and more. Experience Travel focused leadership and an understanding of what it takes to come back from this pandemic is critical to success.

  • Today’s digitally savvy travelers expect mobile access at every step of the process, and they regularly turn to social media and review sites as part of their decision making.

  • Industry and technology disruptors has created competition and challenges that need to be transformed into new opportunities:

    • private home and vacation rental properties

    • on-demand ride services or ride-sharing

    • NDC for airlines and GDS providers

    • A.I, blockchain, and analytics

VNCTech Group has the leadership and travel industry focused experience your company needs to transform these challenges to opportunities. Our VNCTech Group Executive Technology Consultants each have over 30 years technology experience most recently at CIO and CTO levels. 

Our Travel and Hospitality services help you create a path forward and eliminate the headaches associated with these challenges. 

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Surj Ramlogan

With 30 years experience, Surj led the development and launch of large, complex healthcare and commercial solutions; champions and executes business objectives through servant leadership, customer advocacy, technology, and agile processes. Full lifecycle experience.
Proven track-record for taking large and small product development organizations through enterprise release cycles with the launch of new products.
Goal of improving the healthcare delivery system through the use of advance technology solutions, usability, consistency, interoperability and seamless integration.
Specialties: Global Leadership & Change Management Portfolio Strategy & Management

Chief Technology Officer

Travel & Hospitality

surj copy.jpg

Partner and head of Travel & Hospitality Services, VNCTech Group, based in Atlanta, TX USA.

Surj is a partner of VNC Technologies companies and is the Firm's international sector lead partner of Travel & Hospitality



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