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Data-Driven Technology Strategy Full Service

The Technology Strategy Full Service Program is a premier service for the leaders who want their ideas to be data-driven and honed and transformed into an actionable technology strategy that aligns to business objectives easily establishing corporate collaboration and stakeholder buy-in.

You'll receive the best expertise and strategic planning service available to ensure your technology strategy is actionable and data-driven enabling business outcomes.

We use a data driven approach that quickly detects issues, identifies solutions and makes connections to actions specific to your needs. These connections are continuously validated through our vast network of solutions and certified experts on our VNCPropel platform.

This program takes you through 4 major steps covering everything you need to deliver an actionable strategic plan. Each step can be customized and sold separately if you so desire. 

This service is designed for executives and boards who need the technical and leadership expertise combined with the right tools and process to transform ideas into actions in order to deliver on business goals.

$8.5K /mo  Billed annually

(or customize to your needs )


We do the work as an extension to your team

Reaching a Deal

What's Included in Technology Strategy Package for your Company?

Our Technology Strategy Full Service Package is everything you need to identify issues, create actions, and transform ideas into an actionable, data-driven technology strategy and communication plan capable of articulating business benefits to obtain executive buy-in and corporate collaboration. Each of the following 4 steps can be customized and sold separately.

Technology Strategy Framework

Before implementing and spending resources on various projects, VNCTech Group recommends developing a Technology Strategy Framework that clearly defines how your technology project(s) align and support business goals and stakeholder objectives.  This is NOT a full blown actionable strategic plan (thats next step if you so desire), it is a much more cost effective and quick assessment that helps you ensure you have the right mix of variables to produce the expected business outcomes. 


Data Gather

Data is the foundation of providing actionable intelligence of our clients’ situations and opportunities. The process includes collect data from your organization, technology disruptions and industry. All information gathered will be continuously combined and analyzed using our VNCPropel data driven platform. 

The output is identification of observations and alignment to issues that need to be addressed with actions in order to fulfill business objectives.

Stakeholder Interviews:  One-on-One interview with key stakeholders across the company from various departments. We may also interview a few clients depending on your needs. The discussions are focused on gathering observations to understand custom and specific challenges, business objectives, and timescales. 

Machines / Applications / Financials We gather information on your current IT estate including machines, applications and financials. Details include sites, devices, servers, databases, applications, and software.

Industry Research and Technology Disruptions This research provides data of potential technology disruptions  as it related to your industry. This research is ongoing throughout the entire process and tends to introduce new approaches and ask fundamental questions to your team and stakeholders. We may tap into what we are seeing as "developmental" disruptions and test old theories to apply new context. 

Technology and Business Plan: Review technology plan and existing alignments with business strategy.

Internal Documentation We further gather information on current and future states through requesting and reading through internal documentation including but not limited to operational metrics/incident reporting, CMDB reports, architecture, service procedures, vendor contracts and business & technology strategy.


Data Analysis

This analysis starts with the data gathered and organized in the prior step (Gather Data). We inject these results into our VNCPropel Platform to initiate our ecosystem of solutions and certified experts unleashing our technology planning and delivery service at its' fullest potential.  We continuously map your issues to validated actions until we come to a good starting point that makes sense for your business needs. The output of the process is a set of actionable recommendations focused on solving the identified issues. With this platform and network of experts, you aren't just getting one experts opinion on actions to solve your problems, you're getting much more expertise.

Observations : We combine the data gathered from the Technology Strategy Framework to create raw observations - usually these are in the thousands. By using our VNCPropel  technology and human expertise, we define themes or categories that observations tend to fall in. For example, a theme may be "interoperability" or  "Security". The output of this part of the process are well-defined and data-driven themes /categories of areas that need to become focus areas moving forward.

Issues / Problems:  Using our data science capabilities, this analysis injects the "themed and categorized observations" to define issues and problems that may need to be addressed in order to achieve business goals.  By using our VNCPropel data science technology and our expertise, the output is a set of well-defined, detailed and prioritized issues and problems.

Recommendations / Actions:  The focus of analysis is to define actionable recommendations that solve issues and problems defined in prior step. Again, we use our VNCPropel data driven technology and our experienced experts to define prioritized and detailed actions that can be consumed by the organization and implemented in a timeline and predictable budget.

** Deeper Dive Assessments :  Based on our findings, we may recommend to take deeper dives into specific areas using our "Deep Dive Assessment" services to get more information that will add value and detail to recommended actions. 

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Assess Organization

In general, the impact of information technology (IT) on today’s businesses is greater than ever before - companies are facing higher IT costs, managing complex technology and processes, work from home collaboration, and increasingly monitoring compliance and regulatory requirements. All this is true for all IT organizations regardless of their strategy.

When you couple this with your need to drive a specific technology strategy, a closer look at your IT organization as well as how it interacts with the rest of your organization is even more necessary.  This is why VNCTech Group provides the "Assess Organization" assessment as part of the Technology Strategy Framework.

The output are recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the IT organization especially to be able to deliver on technology Plan. Our focus and approach, unless you want it modified, will be IT's ability to drive technology plan implementation.

This analysis starts with the data gathered and organized from the prior step (Gather Data). We filter the data via our VNCPropel platform to include organizational information. Note when we interviewed stakeholders in prior steps, we included organizational questions so we usually have all the data we need already.

The core process we following is the assessment of people, process and technology. We identify gaps by focusing on these three critical components necessary to delivery value and service for your business.  We analyze your business operations - maturity, financials, risks - and finish up by developing recommendations and a plan to improve your current state to ensure ability to implement technology plan and business objectives.

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Advice / Roadmap

This is where we bring the business goals "front-and-center" for everyone to understand and act on. At this point, as part of the Technology Strategy Framework deliverable, it's a high level document thats a visual representation of the technology strategy being proposed. It answers the questions of what will be done, who will be involved in the work, the details of scope and resource allocation, as well as how and why certain initiatives were prioritized over others.

That's why your strategy can’t live in a silo. You need a way to communicate it visually to your decision-makers and stakeholders so they know you’re on top of it. And you need to do it in a way that makes you look good and confident! We use this roadmap to start preparing your overall one pager and communication strategy later in the process - but its highly suggested you start using this roadmap now with your stakeholders to ensure open lines of communication are initiated.

Actionable Strategic Plan

With the Technology Strategy Framework as input, an actionable strategic plan is developed that clearly aligns observations, issues and actions to business objectives purely focused on accelerating and implementing our clients' specific business outcomes in a prioritized, "fundable" and achievable manner that makes sense for the organization and customers. The plan is detailed and actionable with timelines, responsibilities, roles, risks and more - very much aligned to project planning for implementation.

Your actionable strategic plan will be like other important  strategies in your business, including key elements such as:

Architect at Work

Actionable strategic plan: Similar to other important  strategies in your business, your actionable strategic plan includes key elements such as:

  • Vision & mission

  • Objectives

  • Comprehensive Roadmap

  • Business alignment

  • Budget

  • Comprehensive advantage & analysis assessments

  • Short term goals

  • Long term goals

  • Continuous deep dive assessment & monitoring data

  • Governance

  • IT infrastructure, systems and software solutions


FINAL Published  Technology Strategy: Your technology strategy will be articulated and professionally communicated to stakeholders, executives and professionals. You therefore need to make sure you have a final, polished and professional technology strategy document.  VNC has you covered by taking the time to officially document, publish and print your technology plan incorporating strategy, roadmap and internal communication plan. You will use this official document to communicate its importance over and over to all stakeholders, and the central role it has and will continue to have in determining what gets invested and worked on. This will become especially important for strategies that take multiple years to execute.

Proof of Concept(s)

A PoC is an important part of any product development process across most industries. In order to validate approach, actions, and obtain customer (and team members) feedback, we suggest implementing at least one Proof of Concept (POC) that clearly demonstrates actions are feasible and align to business objectives.  This builds up confidence in the overall strategy as well as provide feedback for modifications where necessary that help mitigate further risk.


Your dedicated Expert will work with your team in planning, development and implementation of a PoC. At an xtra charge, you can also elect to use our custom software development service to implement the PoC.

Giving a Speech


Very often we see great and well-defined technology strategies get created and never funded or supported internally because they are not well articulated to the stakeholders so the strategies are never seriously considered to be funded.

In a sense, marketing your strategy to stakeholders is the hardest step and requires the most work. VNC provides insight to help you craft the perfect communication plan used to deliver the message across the company that gets support from the teams as well as obtain funding.

VNCAcademy Course: When it's time to develop a communication plan, you will get FREE access to the best Communication strategy course available: The VNCAcademy course, "How to Communicate Technology Strategy to Stakeholders" course. The course walks you through each step of creating and communicating a strategic one-pager strategy, including approaches and how to work it into everyday conversations across the company.  You will begin your communication strategy journey to ensure your technology strategy is articulated well.

One-Pager for Regular Communication: Through regular conversations and interactions, VNC helps you create a one-page diagram that clearly shows your strategy and the benefits for the entire company. You can use it to start internal marketing for support. The intent is for you to use this one-pager everywhere and talk about it at every opportunity. Incorporate your one-page strategy into every presentation at every level, then explain it and dive deep into it for your audiences across the company. 

Communication Plan: Your technology strategy communication plan shouldn’t be overly complicated. It should be a straightforward document that immediately lets people know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, when it needs to happen, and who has responsibility for the task. VNC helps you craft a plan that clearly defines and aligns tasks with dates, the messages needed to be  communicated, the important channels to communicate (ie departments, titles...), and finally who is responsible for the communication to happen. We help you define this plan, usually quarter by quarter ensuring stakeholders and teams are aligned and are part of the process.


How the Technology Strategy Process Works

                    contains proven, proprietary process and tools that will deliver the most comprehensive technology plan developed, enabled and communicated —but be entirely formulated from you and your stakeholders ideas. The entire process typically lasts 10 months if the client stays on schedule.


Stakeholder Interviews

The first thing to do is understand more about business objectives and company goals. Therefore, your assigned VNC CTO/ Expert will start by performing interviews with approx 5-8 stakeholder/customers:

  1. The reviews are performed one on one with each stakeholder and lasts about 45 minutes.

  2. To understand business goals, challenges and timescales.

  3. Capture information on what the business needs while also identifying specific gaps.

We use this information to initiate aligning problems, potential ideas, strategy and basic approach with opportunities resulting in an actionable technology strategy.


Gather & Analyze All Data

We bring together Human Data, Financial, Machine, Business Cases, and Application data as part of our approach to analyze current IT estate.

VNCBluePrint and expertise is used to connect observations to specific actions aligning business outcomes and technology enablers in a deliverable strategy and roadmap. Our VNCBluePrint Platform and process are used to gather and analyze data into categories, observations, and actions. Often we use VNCs deep dive assessments services to take a closer look at findings such as:

  • Architecture reviews

  • Economic Value Analysis

  • Modernization Analysis

  • Industry & Disruption Research

  • Assess IT Organization

And we don't stop here. The issues to action connections continue to be validated through our VNCPropel solutions content and network of certified expertise.​


Align to Business & Define Actions/ Success metrics

  1. Plug data into VNCpropel Platform ecosystem

  2. Ensure business goals are understood as part of stakeholder interviews.

  3. Define actions based on data collected, business strategy and stakeholder interviews. Continuous validation through our network

  4. Define Total Cost of ownership and ROI analysis and other success metrics


Develop Technology Strategy and Roadmap

We now have measurable actionable work that forms the foundation for creating the technology strategy. We may elect to perform deep dive assessments to fine tune certain assumptions. This cost is included.

Next is to create a roadmap that includes all of the actionable work described in the technology strategy laid out on a time-line schedule. It includes a rough estimate of the cost of each opportunity and the resources required from both IT and the business units affected. This will later be used later in your project plan for implementation.

  • Outline communication plan

  • Finalize IT Portfolio 

  • Portfolio Staffing Plans

  • Outline funding needs


Technology Strategy Reviews

Continuous reviews of technology strategy with your team and stakeholders ensuring alignment and agreement


Create a Strategic One-Pager 


In this step we create a one-pager that is what we call “market-tecture”.

  • It’s basically a high level technical architecture but can relate to everyone from marketing to finance to IT.

  • Its purpose is for everyone to quickly see your basic strategy on one page. So it's really a selling item to some degree to use in communicating your strategy across the company.

The “market-tecture” will be created in such a way where the bottom part of the page shows familiar common and foundational elements that may be more technology related while the top layer shows the basic opportunities grouped by company area that everyone would recognize. One of the keys here is to ensure each department sees something they can recognize and relate to.

We will work with your team in defining the parts of this strategic one-pager.

Start Internal Marketing of Strategy

In this step we coach you on how to use the one-pager to start internal marketing. Here are the basics approaches we will cover:

  • Talk about it at every opportunity.

  • Incorporate your one-page strategy into every presentation at every level, then explain it and dive deep into it for your audiences across the company.

  • Believe in your strategy as being the vehicle for new revenue and markets for the organization.

  • Sell it to everyone; your peers and your Board.

The goal is to get the resources and funding needed to execute. Convince them that this is probably the type of strategic investment they were looking for but perhaps nobody until you articulated it this well.


Proof of Concepts

VNC encourages our clients to develop and deliver proof of concepts in order to obtain credibility in the strategy as well as gather feedback from stakeholders and customer for improvement. We work with your teams to enable PoCs or you may elect to use VNC custom software development services to accelerate and implement the PoCs.


Internal Marketing Consult & Course

As part of this consult, we will also provide you with free access to the VNCAcademy Communication Course. This includes detailed instructions and templates to help you through every part of internal marketing of your technology strategy, including generating stakeholder buy-in, gathering supporters around the company, and raising visibility and importance of the strategy.

Who You Might Work With

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Anthony Maiello

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Anthony has been in CTO/CIO roles most of his career enabling technology strategy and solving problems for many great companies across multiple industries for over 3 decades. He serves on multiple advisory boards and is founder and President of VNCTech Group

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Surj Ramlogan

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Surj has 30 years of global leadership experience in product strategy, design, development of commercial product solutions and innovative technologies.He is an expert in the use of advance technology solutions, usability, consistency, interoperability and seamless integration


Ken Caird

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Ken has over 40 years’ deep technology experience and uses his broad experience combined with innovation to identify and clarify the interactions between technologies, economic and business considerations, and the role of standards and regulations. 

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