AFFORDABLE and CONSISTENT alternative to obtaining the Guidance and Expertise for your Team to Deliver a Technology Strategy aligned to Business Goals 

Technology Strategy Coaching

The Technology Strategy Coaching or "Guided Expert" Program is a premier package for leaders who do not want to outsource the actual work but looking for experienced and expert guidance to avoid costly mistakes and deliver an actionable well-defined technology strategy. 

Our Guided Experts will take you and your team through the same process defined in Technology Strategy Full Service so your team can do the work using our tools and proven processes but at much lower cost. We also provide workshops, weekly touch points and 1-on-1 consultations with our CTO to help you stay on the path to success.

This service is designed for technology leaders, executives, boards, and professionals who have teams and skills in place but want to lower risk, lower cost, and employ an experienced guided expert to help keep the team on track and ensure the plan is developed and executed to meet business objectives.

$3.5K /mo  Billed annually

(or $4K month to month)


You do the work, we coach you through the process

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What's Included in Tech Strategy Coaching Package for your Company?

Our Tech Strategy Coaching Package is everything you need to guide you and your team to identify and transform ideas into a finished actionable strategy, a clear roadmap for implementation, and a communication plan defining all business benefits to get executive buy-in paving the way to implementation and software development.

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Full Technology Strategy VNCAcademy Access

You will begin by working through the best technology strategy course available: The VNCAcademy course, "7 Steps to a Robust Technology Strategy" course. The course walks you through each step of enabling a technology strategy, including stakeholder interviews, data analysis, deep dives, identifying issues and actions, communication planning, roadmaps and more. You will begin your technology strategy journey there even before attending the workshop.

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3-Day Coaching Workshop 

After you have created your technology strategy outline, you will attend a three-day workshop, led by our experienced CTO with over 3 decades of experience, Anthony Maiello, and senior VNC leaders. They will review everything you have done so far, and ensure your strategy outline is correct, your organizational structure can work for what you're about to do, and review any progress you have done thus far. They will also go deeper than the instruction in the VNCAcademy Course, to ensure you know you’re on course to developing a great and actionable technology strategy. Sold by itself, this is a $20k value.

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Weekly Guidance and Accountability

After the workshop, you’ll be in weekly coaching calls with VNC Guided Experts where you will get help at every step and hold you accountable to the technology strategy schedule you have chosen. You’ll also get weekly guidance from VNC Guided Experts answering your questions and help you stay on track to finish and deliver your technology strategy

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Three 1-on-1 Consults directly with our CTO

As part of the Guided Expert service, you’ll receive three 1-on-1 consultation calls (35 minutes each) with our veteran CTO. Clients can use these calls for a few different purposes:

  • Get their technology strategy reviewed

  • Discuss a roadblock they’re facing

  • Review a specific part of the strategy thus far

If clients use all 3 calls and still want more, they can purchase them for $300 each, which includes the review time for materials beforehand, as well as a 35-min call.

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When you’ve finished developing your technology strategy, roadmap and communication plan a VNC Guided Expert will do a full round of content edits.

The VNC Guided Expert team will dig in and give you both high-level developmental notes, as well as deeper content on all aspects of the plans and polish and finish the communication plan where needed. Your Guided Expert is an experienced professional who has worked on dozens of technology strategies in their career, and their job is to make sure your plan is great.

We call this edit the “Toughen Up” edit because we promise that we will hurt your feelings before we let you put out a bad strategy. Sold by itself, this is a $10k value.

A Full FINAL Review of all Your Content


Once you’re finished editing the strategy, we do everything necessary for a professionally published Strategy ready for consumption by Boards, Stakeholders and other executives.

This includes a beautifully designed cover and interior layout of the strategy and everything else we do when publishing a professional technology strategy for executive consumption. Sold by itself, this is a $5k value.

Professional Publishing of Strategy

In Negotiation

Unfortunately, many technology strategies that actually reached this step never get funded or executed. Sometimes because it's simply not a good strategy from a business perspective, but more often is because it is not articulated well or marketed properly to the stakeholders so it's never seriously considered to be funded. In a sense, marketing your strategy to stakeholders is the hardest step and requires the most work. Your Guided Expert will get on the phone with you to review options and how to market your strategy to executives.  Optional VNCAcademy course "How to Communicate Technology Strategy to Stakeholders" is available taking a deeper dive in the art of internal marketing at an additional fee.

Internal Marketing Strategy

Technology Strategy Coaching Works

We have a proven, proprietary coaching process that will get the most comprehensive technology plan defined, enabled and communicated —but be entirely formulated from you and your stakeholders ideas. The entire process typically lasts 12 months if the client stays on schedule.


Technology Strategy Consult

The first step is to make sure you personally are ready to take the technology strategy journey. 

To do this, you will speak to a technology strategy expert who will help you get clarity on three things:

  1. What are your ideas

  2. What is the audience(s) you're trying to reach and how you think your ideas will serve them

  3. What are the specific objectives you're hoping an approved and funded technology strategy will help you achieve (these can be personal or business).

Note this is NOT a sales call. This is about determining whether you have technology strategy concepts and ideas in you and whether you're ready for coaching from our company.

Our process does not work for everyone. If we determine that we're not a good fit for each other OR you're simply not ready for this journey, we'll happily refer you to a service or company that can meet your needs.

Attend Kickoff Workshop

To begin, you and select members of your team will attend the three-day kick-off workshop.

Each workshop is led by VNC founder and CTO, Anthony Maiello, an experienced CTO with over 3 decades of successful technology strategy accomplishments. He created these proven methods used by many clients and companies and will personally walk you and the team through every step of the process.


You will first develop an outline of the strategy and create a detail plan defining what needs to be developed - this will be a complete review of everything you need to know to develop, implement and communicate your technology strategy. Anthony's goal for each workshop is that you leave knowing exactly what you need to do, and full confidence that - with VNCTech Groups' support- you can do it.

Start Developing the
Technology Strategy

You will leave the workshop and have literally everything ready to develop your strategy - tools, process, approach and so on.

To ensure you stay on track, there are weekly coaching calls and 24/7 access to the VNC guided experts. Any problems you have, any obstacles that come up, any issue you need help with, Anthony and his team will be there to help out.


Use Your Three 1-on-1 Consults with our CTO

Whether to validate your stakeholder interview approach, clarify a mapping of business case to technology action, or assess discoveries, you'll need guidance along your technical strategy journey. At three key milestones of your choosing, you can share a selection of your technology strategy with a VNC guided expert and meet one-on-one to discuss what's working, what needs to be refined, and what's hot to tackle the next steps of your technology strategy.

Typically, leaders meet with a VNC guided expert early in the technology strategy journey to make sure they're starting off in the right direction. You can review your completed set of issues and actions after the stakeholder interviews with a VNC guided expert to make sure you set a strong plan for this important first step.

Leaders often use their last two calls for for draft and final reviews. When you're ready to refine the rough DRAFT, you can share portions or all of it with a VNC guided expert to get detailed comments on what to shape up. This may include roadmapping, communication planning or whatever you want. 


Get the "Toughen up" Review

When you are done with your first full DRAFT, you will give the technology strategy (including roadmap and communication plan) to us for review. The VNC guided expert will dig in and give you and your team both high-level development notes, technical scrubbing and alignment to business, as well as deeper content on each part of the plan to help you polish, professionalize and finish the technology strategy. Your VNC guided expert is an experienced technology leader who has worked successfully on dozens of technology strategies across multiple industries, and their job is to make sure your technology strategy is also successful.

We like to call this the "Toughen up" review because we tell leaders and their team that we will need you to be strong as we may hurt your feelings - we would rather do that than see you release a poor technology strategy. You can be 100% confident that we will make sure you do not create a strategy that sits on the shelf, never gets funded, and therefore never gets implemented.


Professionally Publish Technology Strategy Service

After our review and your revisions, when your finished with the technology strategy, we take it from there and professionally publish the document following proper format and look/feel.

You will use this document when communicating and internally marketing your strategy to stakeholder so it should look beautiful and professional.


Marketing Consult & Course

Our guided expert will get on the phone with you and help you determine the exact best way to internally market your strategy to ensure the plan is properly aligned to business outcomes so it gets funded and implemented. We will help you lay out a step-by-step marketing plan that you can then execute.

As part of this consult, we will also provide free access to VNCAcademy "Internally Marketing a Technology Strategy" course. This included detailed process, tools and methods to help you through every part of getting technology strategy buy-in and funding with your stakeholders.

Who You Might Work With

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Anthony Maiello

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Anthony has been in CTO/CIO roles most of his career enabling technology strategy and solving problems for many great companies across multiple industries for over 3 decades. He serves on multiple advisory boards and is founder and President of VNCTech Group

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Surj Ramlogan

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Surj has 30 years of global leadership experience in product strategy, design, development of commercial product solutions and innovative technologies.He is an expert in the use of advance technology solutions, usability, consistency, interoperability and seamless integration


Ken Caird

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Ken has over 40 years’ deep technology experience and uses his broad experience combined with innovation to identify and clarify the interactions between technologies, economic and business considerations, and the role of standards and regulations. 

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$3.5K /mo  Billed annually

(or $4K month to month)


You do the work, we coach you through the process

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