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Technology Strategy Assessment Services

Crystalized over decades of leading, creating and delivering successful strategic technology programs in the most challenging mission critical environments, VNCTech Group's Technology Strategy Assessment Services accelerates, de-risks and simplifies a digital transformation journey by aligning budget, priorities, process, capabilities, metics and leadership ensuring on time, on budget, high quality and value added software deliverables for the corporation and its customers.

Through our proven approach, our VNC Technology Strategy Assessments identifies issues and provides actionable recommendations to enable and deliver your strategy as planned:

  • The fastest time to value for IT/OT investment; PoCs and agile release of product into production

  • A holistic and structured approach providing visibility and control

  • Lays out quick wins as well as steps for longer term 

  • Designed to accelerate cloud, datacenter, workplace and application transformations

Our Core Strategy Assessments

Application Transformation 

  • Economic and technical understanding of future state​

Strategic Roadmap

  • Visualization of strategic plan activities, time, priorities, resources 

Software Architecture Assessment

  • Examine all facets of software ensuring design alignment

Interoperability Assessment

  • Verify and recommendations for interoperability across enterprises

Cloud Transformation Roadmap

  • On prem, public, hybrid - define essential changes and ROI

Modernization Assessment

  • Modernize complex and disparate platforms on controlled increments

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We promise that our experience, approach and subject matter expertise will quickly generate the critical actions and recommendations necessary to build the strategic plan, actionable roadmap and execute in small agile and repeatable phases delivering a successful digital program.


"This approach was more actionable, in-depth, delivered in less time, and for less money than all the high priced consulting firms that came through here in the past!" 

-- CEO, Industrial 

"We can implement these recommendations without additional capital investment due to a zero-budget and short ROI approach!"

-- COO, Electric Utility

We were concerned about our ability to operate our warehouse locally in event of a network outage if we move to the cloud. But VNCTech Group's approach to solving our problem provided a hybrid solution where we get benefits of native cloud while also having local control of our urgent warehousing business processes.

-- COO, Mid size warehouse


2x increase revenue  5x EBIDTA Valuation
24 month ROI

"Anthony Maiello quickly stepped in providing data proving feasibility, strategic approach and implementation plan delivering EBIDTA results, organic growth, M&A, and knowledge to our teams at zero budget ... amazing"

-PE Chair, Background Screening