Technology Services

VNC Dedicated on-Demand Technology Leaders and Experts quickly steps in and delivers leadership, business outcomesinsight and software development to your Organization

Leadership services

With decades of experience and expertise leading many companies across multiple industries, VNC  leaders and experts are ready to immediately step into your organization to get the job done.

Some situations require a need for  a "turnaround" leader, someone to run point on a digital transformation, or an M&A integration  - all great fits for VNC on demand leaders.

Business Outcomes and Insight

Our  assessments and analysis services deliver detail reporting on your business's key IT systems to drive the right outcomes. Determine if new technology, including the latest cloud technology, can improve business efficiency and profits.

Our Senior Trusted Advisors deliver insight based on decades of practical experience providing business intelligence services for IT leaders that need support for rapid and effective decision making for IT strategy and implementation.

Development Services

Our Development services cover design, engineering, coding, testing, deployment, support, scaling and evolution of many different types of software enterprise systems

VNC develops quality software and offers related services - software consulting, cloud migration, app integration and more. We serve all sizes of enterprises across multiple industries including energy, background screening, retail, travel, manufacturing and more.