Technology Assessments

Take Your Technology to the Next level 

You know your organization’s technology infrastructure and business processes better than anyone. It’s time to document all of your pain points and use our decades of problem solving skills to reveal actionable opportunities for digital improvement.

Assessment Summary

Taking a comprehensive look at your organization reveals opportunities for improvement, especially in terms of digital technology. Our experts help you develop a technology roadmap to determine if new technology can help your organization scale and accelerate business outcomes.


System Architecture

We are fully experienced and equipped to understand where your system architecture is today and where it needs to be tomorrow. We perform pattern analysis, provide validation of design elements, and identify and remediate poor design ensuring your architecture can grow with your company.

  • Software

  • Infrastructure

  • Data

  • Interoperability

Business Case Alignment

As part of our 2-3 day technology assessment, we ensure business goals and technology are also aligned through a business strategy discussion with stakeholders:

  • Business case

  • Total Cost of ownership and ROI analysis

  • Technology and business actionable recommendations 

Cloud Readiness

Our VNC Cloud Readiness Approach combines executive conversations, planning, workshops, estate mapping, and operating model road-mapping to deliver the foundation for a cloud transformation and provides the consensus building and insight proving how proposed changes support the business outcomes.

Application Rationalization

The key to improving efficiency, lowering total cost of ownership and simplification of portfolio complexity is in creating and building a successful application rationalization framework that focuses on the process of cataloging and eliminating duplicate software applications used across an organization.

What Our Clients Say

Jill T., CTO

"This approach was more actionable, in-depth, delivered in less time, and for less money than all the high priced consulting firms that came through here in the past!"