Deep Dive Assessments

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The Deep Dive Technology Assessment Program contains a comprehensive set of assessments for leaders who want to identify ways to optimize, stabilize, scale, modernize, and migrate applications to the cloud focused on improving margin, lower cost, while also increasing revenue.

You'll receive the best expertise and assessment services available. We use a data driven approach and decades of experience to assess your current state quickly detecting issues and solutions for a better future state.

This program contains 4 major types of assessments covering everything you need to improve margin, lower cost, migrate to the cloud or modernize your legacy systems. 

This service is designed for executives, boards, and professionals who wants to quickly transform ideas into actions in order to deliver business results and leap frog their competition.

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Cloud Analysis

Our cloud analysis assessments are designed to enable a comprehensive pathway to any type of cloud migration at a speed unique to your business needs and capabilities. Benefits include improving customer experience, easier budgeting and ROI monitoring with much lower risk.

  • Cloud Readiness Analysis

  • Cybersecurity Analysis

  • Economic Value Analysis

  • Application Migration Analysis

  • Operational Analysis

Based on our success stories, we believe improving your company's customer experience with cloud capabilities doesn't need to a big bang system overall. Instead we focus on incremental improvements based on business functions.

Cloud Analysis
Optimization assessments


As your organization accelerates toward digital transformation, its critical to drive growth and deliver measurable and incremental ROI on your technology investment. Technology Value Optimization helps you derive more business value from every tech dollar you spend by providing you with “actionable” plans that help IT optimize costs and limit risk exposure.

  • Application Value - Dependency, rationalization, Transformation

  • IT Value - Budget, Policies&Standards, Risk Mgmt, M&A

  • Operations Value - Change & Incident Mgmt

  • Workflows - IT, Operations, Business

  • Software - Architecture, Code reviews

  • Websites - for marketing & Sales

Our Optimization assessments provides everything you need to maximize technology value resulting in measurable improvement to margin and cost while enabling growing revenue.



We know digital modernization can be daunting and sometimes not easy to justify with ROI. We help you understand what modernization means to your company by evaluating your current state and compare against your future state in terms of ROI, capabilities skill sets needed and much more.

  • Are you prioritizing modernization efforts aligned to your business goals?

  • Do you have the right mix of tools (i.e. low-code)

  • Do you have a robust well-defined technology strategy and strategic plan?

  • Is your plan aligned to new business and customer support models?

Every modernization story is different. You need a clear vision of how technology will hep your organization achieve goals. we are here to help ensure you have that alignment and expose the gaps with actions.

It's time you address those pain points with deep dive assessments

If you're serious about optimizing or stabilizing your system today, let's talk.

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

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Our Stabilization Assessment is a structured and holistic approach to identifying the underlying causes of instability, and the provision of pragmatic, actionable advice based on years of practical experience.

The challenge this tackles for our clients is understanding the root causes of instability and control failures and not just the symptoms.

  • Operations

  • Infrastructure

  • Applications 

  • Databases 

  • Workflows & Process

stabilization assessment

Other Technology Strategy Services

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