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Strategy Plan Video Tutorials

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Six Lessons Covered 







Overview of Strategic Planning Process - Summary of the process

Foundation - Mission & Vision Statements. Corporate Core Values

Proposition - Strategic Frameworks & Models resulting in Hypothesis

Details - Completing Balanced Scorecard - Goals, Objectives, Strategy Maps, Actions

Alignment - Objectives & Key results - Cascading goals across all tiers of org

Execution - Indicators (leading & Lagging), reporting, Tracking, KPIs

At the end these 6 lessons, you will be certified by VNCTech Group as a Subject Matter expert in Technology Strategy Strategic Planning.

Overview of Strategic Planning

This overview course discusses the 5 step process of strategic planning at very high level.
The lesson goes over the different strategy planning tools including mission, vision, core values as well as strategic frameworks and models. In this overview course, we briefly discuss how we bring all these tools together in our 5-step strategic planning process that we have used for many clients and now available to all our members on our new strategy designer platform.  The remaining courses in this part of our training will do deeper dives into each of the 5 steps.
Strategic Planning Process - Step 2 - Proposition


This lesson covers 3 parts:

  • Frameworks Video Tutorials: Engage in Industry leading strategic frameworks tutorials focused on enabling the blueprints needed to create and deliver a proper strategic plan. These courses are intended to teach you the basics of using models and frameworks to define your organization's goals, and how to achieve and track them. 

  • Develop your Business Proposition : After learning about the specific frameworks, we show you how and when to use them depending on your perspectives and circumstances.  How to use execution frameworks such as BSC and OKRs to integrate your mission, vision and core values and how SWOT, PEST and VRIO analysis works to identify trends and hypothesis.

  • Challenges : You will use the frameworks to build your proposition for your company and submit your answers to our experts for feedback.

VNCDesigner contains all the tools and frameworks needed to accelerate your strategic planning journey.


The intent of these lessons is to help you set the right foundation by defining or updating (existing) your mission, vision and corporate core values. 

  • Mission: We treat this as the highest level goal and ultimate achievement for the organization. You should define your mission to be the reason to exist for all other goals for your company​

  • Vision: We want to make sure your Vision is more longer term thinking compared to Mission. We help you establish the right vision that is both shared as the long term dream for the organization and the inspiration for all teams. 

  • Core Values - The guiding principles of the organization. In the context of strategy, this course focuses on real values that are actually followed by your company versus unachievable values. 

VNCDesigner Strategic Planning Process - Step 1 -Foundation _ Mission Statement


The output generated from the prior step/course produced your business proposition containing high level goals with suggested actions in the BSC strategy map documented in your strategy designer platform.

This lesson starts with the business proposition to generate more specific business goals, and actions with KPIs, timeframes, risks and budgets. The intent is to help you define the details necessary to execute your strategy, and outline key results in an appropriate time frame for future stakeholder communication.

You will use the Designer Platform tools to help you create, update and organize goals/objectives, strategy mapping KPIs and actions/initiatives within your BSC strategy map . 

Strategic Planning Process - Step 3 - Details
Strategic Planning Process - Step 4 - Alignment.jpg