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Digital Technology Strategy
Models & Frameworks

With the right digital technology strategy models & frameworks in your toolbox, you can uncover opportunities, identify risks, and create a strategic plan to fuel your organization’s success. 

Think of Digital Technology Strategy Models & Frameworks as tools in your toolbox - and these tools will help you hit your business goals. If chosen correctly, you can use as many or as few digital strategy models & frameworks as you like, as long as you choose correctly and


perfectly aligned to your company's culture and business goals. VNCTech Group all-inclusive membership includes all the  information you need to incorporate a unique blend of these industry proven models and frameworks into the Digital Technology Strategy approach that will deliver business results.

A brief outline of the most popular models and frameworks.


This is the strategic planning process selected based on company goals and culture


These are the tools to use within the process (model) to dig deeper into specific areas


A model can be thought of as the "process" to follow when developing an strategic plan. These are industry proven models but they are also "text book" approaches. In all instances, we find the "model" that best fits your company's unique needs, culture and goals is a combination of several models. 

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The basic strategic planning model is an ideal starting point for establishing your company’s vision, goals, business objectives, approach and actions. This model helps you outline the specific actions you need to take to reach your goals, monitor progress to stay on target, and address issues as they arise.


Also called issued-based model, this is essentially an extension of the basic model. It’s a bit more dynamic and very popular for companies that want to create a more comprehensive plan as it helps to recognize various internal and external factors impacting the operations and achievement of various goals of the organization. 

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The primary purpose of this model is to ensure strong alignment of the organization’s internal operations with achieving an overall goal, for example, to increase productivity or profitability, or to successfully integrate a new cross-functional system, such as a new computer system. 


The scenario model works great if you combine it with other models like the basic or goal-based model. Scenario planning enables decision-makers to identify ranges of potential outcomes and estimated impacts, evaluate responses and manage for both positive and negative possibilities. It's an integrated approach to dealing with uncertainty as well as a way to visualize different representations of your organization's future.


Models & Frameworks

There are numerous strategic planning models and frameworks you could apply and while it’s often smart to combine a few, it's usually not a good idea to use them all.

Selecting and implementing the right strategic planning model(s) and framework(s) for your company is the foundation to hitting your business goals. The right choices will improve your knowledge of what works best in your organization, uncover unknown strengths and weaknesses, and help you find out how you can outpace your competitors.

VNCTech Group supports numerous strategic planning models and frameworks within our technology strategy services helping dozens of companies just like yours hit their business goals.



While a strategic planning model describes each of the elements of a coherent strategy - what they do, how they fit together and in what order - A strategic planning framework refers to the conceptual approach you will bring to populating your strategic plan​. Frameworks are essentially methodologies that you can apply to help you come up with your goals, as well as categorize your goals to ensure they’re balanced and will meet your needs. You may use many frameworks within a model to achieve specific objectives. 

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SWOT Analysis

Identify areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as a visual representation that helps create a strategic plan that accounts for growth and prepares for threats. 


PEST Analysis

Similar to the SWOT analysis except PEST's primary focus is on external factors and solutions connected to your business’s success.

  • Political: Taxes, trade tariffs, conflicts

  • Economic: Interest, inflation, growth patterns 

  • Social: Demographics, education, media

  • Technological: Communication, IT, R&D ...

  • Legal: Regulatory, consumer protection ...

  • Environmental: Climate, location ...


VRIO Analysis

Designed to help evaluate competitive advantages by examining your resources 4 ways:.

  • Valuable: Will your resources create value ?

  • Rare: Are the resources rare and a differentiator?

  • Inimitable: Are your resources unique? 

  • Organization:  Are your resources organized for value, rarity, and inimitability?


Balanced Scorecard

We take a holistic approach well beyond only looking at financial performance that includes 

  • Customers satisfaction and retention

  • Financial performance

  • Internal workflow - quality and efficiency

  • Organizational effectiveness - culture, infrastructure, technology, and people

The output is an outline of your mission, vision, and values providing knowledge to making the right decisions to implement your strategy/plan.

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Objectives & Key Results

Designed to help your organization set and achieve goals. It provides an holistic approach that's used to connect your team’s work to your organization’s big-picture goals.  When team members understand how their individual work contributes to the organization’s success, they tend to be more motivated and produce better results and successful Strategy implementation.

It's time to make smarter business decisions starting with Models & Framework

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