Get Talent you Need Now with Right To Hire Later

Hire the Talent if You like what You see AFTER the Project is Delivered 

Our staff augmentation contract staffing with "right-to-hire" offering gives businesses the ability to “hire-on-demand” enabling them to meet their exact capacity at any given time with contract hires vs direct employees; but also providing the option to hire contractors full time after an evaluation period. This provides limitless workforce options for both the short and long-term. This flexibility and scalability helps drive business growth strategy.

  • Ability for a Trial Run

  • Budget Flexibility

  • Staffing Flexibility

  • Expedited Interview Process

  • Savings on specific skills

  • Accommodates Growth

The Terms Fractional CTO ...

The terms “fractional CTO”, "fractional CIO" and "fractional CISO" have been used more and more the last several years and is becoming a growing trend for mid-market companies and growing start-ups.

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When a Business Reaches ...

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When a business hits a certain size, it can be challenging for a founder or CEO to balance all aspects of the company while still running the firm. The technology workload typically is more than the CEOs can handle alone, and they become limited to the experience they have on staff and what they can afford. 

A VNC Fractional Leader Brings ...

A VNCTech Group fractional technology leader brings significant experience and expertise at major firms and industries. Best of all, a VNC Fractional Leader can work part-time or in a freelance capacity having the same kind of impact on your business that a full-time staff may provide. Not only do they bring their leadership skills to your business, but they also are affordable and lend a certain amount of credibility to your business.

What Our Clients Say


Jerome P., CEO

"VNCTech Group leadership quickly stepped in as a fractional CTO helping prove feasibility, strategic approach and implementation plan that will deliver EBIDTA results, organic growth, M&A, and knowledge to our teams at zero budget "

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VNC now offers a subscription plan to our  Leadership Services providing long term  access to world class Technology leaders
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