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Security is the foundation of your Technology Strategy Framework. As you look at new investments and optimization recommendations, you want to make sure it's secured by design and that any changes will not introduce additional risks to your business. 

Security by Design is our approach to cybersecurity that builds in risk thinking from the onset, enabling your technology strategy with confidence.

​Our core product offering - Technology Strategy Framework  helps you embrace new technology and continually innovate in order to remain competitive and relevant. In any effort involving change or modernization of systems and operations, you want to have mechanisms and process in place to help avoid introducing vulnerabilities across your business, and exposing yourselves to a growing number of risks.


Proactive, Pragmatic, Strategic Approach to Security

VNCTech Group believes "security by design" is essential and the foundation to every technology strategy framework. Following our workflow program, we work with you and your teams to hone a security by design approach to enable your company to automate its' data security controls and formalize the design of your infrastructure so you can build and continuously improve security into your IT management process.

The Security by Design workflow, when developed and put in play, provides the following benefits:

  • Security is designed into the software from the outset helping reduce flaws that could compromise your company's information security

  • Ensures your company continually manage, monitor, and maintain cybersecurity risk governance and management.

  • If your in the cloud or going to the cloud, this workflow enables your company to design and automate your cloud provider (AWS, Azure...) environments with reliability coded security and governance

  • Summarizes the responsibilities for the security controls, cybersecurity configuration, the automation of security baselines, and the end-user audit of security controls for cloud infrastructure, operating systems, services, and applications running in cloud for most cloud providers.

  • If your working with Internet of Things (IoT) you already know this is a very difficult environment to maintain security controls. This approach from the onset will help keep IoT expansion within your control.


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