Right to Hire Consulting

Quickly bring in top talent at no risk to you with a right to hire based on your assessment!


Experienced consultants are often needed to augment a company’s current staffing with key people for a strategic program or while in search for a critical resource such as a CTO or Chief Engineer. 


VNC’s team of technology leaders, SMEs, and partners can quickly fill in the gaps and become members of your team delivering immediate value and opportunities. 

We also understand that our VNC resources will deliver intellectual property you may want to retain on your team permanently which is why we offer a “right to hire” for full time employment after you evaluate their performance. 

Job Interview

How We Work with You



We start out with a conversation to understand your needs where we can help determine the best route for you and your company. 



If consulting is the answer, we work with you to get the right people in the right positions supplementing your team and setting you up for huge success. 



After the contract is complete, and we delivered expected value, you have an opportunity to hire anyone you feel would be a great permanent fit. 

Available Key Consultant Roles with Right to Hire

Technology Leadership


  • SVP/VP

  • Development Manager

  • Head of Infrastructure

  • Head of Applications


  • Software Architects

  • Chief Engineer

  • Cloud experts

  • Data Science

  • DevOps Engineer

Software Development

  • Software Architect

  • Software Engineer

  • Mobile Developer

  • Web Developer

  • UI Developer

Functional & Product

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • SCRUM Masters/Agile

  • Digital Marketing

  • Product Manager

  • SEO