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Is a Custom Software Solution for You?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Anthony Maiello | Founder & CEO | VNCTech Group

Business leaders are continuously preparing their organizations to adapt to rapidly changing business environments largely due to progressive advancements in technology. At the core of these technological advancements is the “digitization” of products, services and workflows that enable increased efficiency, performance, revenue growth, competitive advantage, and, of course, delighted customers. In today’s modern world many growing organizations are digitizing by developing their own custom software solutions reaping tremendous and differentiating business benefits.

Many organizations today who have digitized with a custom software solution have realized the benefits of a personalized software application that serves to satisfy the specific needs of their company and customers. Nowadays, due to advanced technical capabilities, we believe at VNCTech Group that every business, whether big or small, should seriously consider a customized software solution to reap the fullest benefits and leap frog the competition.

But still many businesses are reluctant to even the idea of a custom software solution because of cost perceptions often associated with the development, deployment, and maintenance of the solution. They usually do not have clarity on how an investment in a custom software solution has the potential to easily be recovered by addressing distinctive company problems that are not easily handled by the countless, commercially available, off-the-shelf options without major (and costly) modifications that likely won’t work properly in the long term. In many cases, VNCTech Group has worked with companies often proving that when a software solution is custom designed exclusively to meet specific business needs, it is cost effective, accelerates performance and efficiency, improves features and functionality, and results in differentiation and a competitive edge within the market.

When return on investment (ROI) is proven with solid metrics and business value, we have seen custom software solutions in small and medium sized companies become the more popular decision; especially in recent years. This is why it is extremely important to partner with a software development company that has the experience working in different environments, understands the pros and cons, and can connect business value to ROI with a history of developing and deploying fast, cost effective and responsive solutions.

12 Reasons a Custom Software Solution is for You

Platform Designed Specifically for Your Business

Every business is unique with its own specific needs and your business is no exception. When a company needs modern software to digitize specific workflows and complex tasks, it often is very difficult and usually impossible to find a commercial solution that precisely meets all the requirements without requiring major work. A custom software solution is personalized, which means that the software program and application is designed exclusively for your company handling your specific needs. Choosing a custom-made software solution for your business is an option that may provide a better path to success, growth and competitive advantage as well as provide more certainty on ROI.

Scalability Beyond Belief

Unlike off-the-shelf commercial solutions, it is easy to add new features without increasing size and complexity of a custom solution. If planned and designed properly , a custom software solution follows a development method that allows the system to grow bigger and better without increasing cost or complexity. This cannot be achieved with the off-the-shelf commercial options.

Technological Advancements Easily Integrated

Companies that recognize and deploy new and innovative technologies effectively are winning new business for themselves and their clients. These technologies have a great potential for growth and performance improvement in the near future and are more easily integrated into a custom software solution.

Security You Want and Need

Improved security offered by a custom-developed application is incomparable with off-the-shelf commercial software because the custom solution is not available for use by other companies. There is a significant difference in risks and threats of external hacking and data theft when you develop and deploy a software solution exclusively designed for your company. If designed properly, by having a customized software solution, all your data is secure and protected with multiple layers of security as per your needs and choices.

Your Business is Part of the Process of Building a Great App

Let's face it, no one knows your business better than you. The best software development companies understand this which is why it's encouraged that you and your team participate in the software development process welcoming your input, suggestions, and feedback. The end result is much more fine tuned to your company needs and aligned to ROI.

You Control Operational Costs; Not a 3rd Party

Off-the-shelf commercially available software usually comes with an additional need to purchase compatible hardware for operations, and/or outside services and maintenance which may become very expensive. A properly planned and designed custom software solution should require less operational investment compared to a (all in) commercial solution and deliver more value and ROI.

Automation That Really Helps; Not just Marketing

One of the many drivers for organizations to digitize is to automate manual tasks that are monotonous and repetitive. Automating manual tasks will free up employees to do other work boosting productivity as well as significantly lower operational costs and accelerate output to your customers. Off-the-shelf commercial software does support automation in many basic ways, but again is the same solution as your competitors and may require significant development and work to modify it to your workflows. A well-developed and planned, custom software solution not only automates these activities but also is optimized for your workflows getting the most value, fast ROI, and elimination of human error.

Technical Support & Quality That is Fast and Actually Cares

Off-the-shelf commercial software solutions do have technical support, but in most cases it's at a significant extra cost, not instant, and likely not the developers of the system itself. When you have a problem, you want quick access to a technical support team from your software development company that understands the ins and outs of the solution which is what you can get with a custom software solution.

Differentiation & Competitive Advantage for Real

One of many goals for your company is likely to attain differentiation and a competitive advantage in the market. Likewise, one of many objectives of any software solution is to help your business deliver more value and efficiency that enables an advantage over the competition. Since off-the-shelf commercial software is the same software your competition may have, it is more difficult to attain that differentiation and competitive advantage. If planned and designed properly, a custom software solution will provide exponentially better and more efficient services that are optimized specifically for the needs of your company and customers delivering differentiation and huge competitive advantages that are only available to your firm.

Integrated Industry Trends You Control; Not a 3rd Party

Companies can keep their custom software current with industry trends to always be steps ahead of the competition. With off-the-shelf commercial software you are at the mercy of the company who developed the application and they often serve many industries and customers who all have varying priorities.

It's your code and Software License Agreement

Unlike an off-the-shelf commercial solution that may have hefty yearly license fees, a custom software solution gives you all the rights to that particular solution and its code, which as a result gives you complete authority and control.

Designed for Integration of any 3rd-Party You Want

Off-the-shelf commercial software solutions are usually compatible with some third party applications and equipment based on their own business relationships not having your specific company in mind. Very often, these commercial solutions force you to integrate with new third parties as some integrations will simply be impossible due their design or commercial limitations. This is a major problem for most companies.

You will NOT experience this problem with a custom software solution if it's designed and developed properly. Custom solutions are designed to support integrations that your company requires and aligned to work well with your existing hardware and third-party solutions. Personalized software avoids any kind of integration issues and fits easily within the ecosystem of other business software. This is a major differentiation and business benefit for your company.


As you can see, custom software development is a great choice for many businesses and may be for yours. It allows you to stay focused on what you really want, whether that’s to develop new features or improve existing ones. It also allows you to have differentiation and a competitive advantage in the market.

However, it’s by no means the only option. Sometimes off-the-shelf commercial solutions make better sense. Partnering with the right software development company will help you work out the pros and cons of all options.

If you have any questions about how to choose the right software development company, feel free to contact Anthony at VNCTech Group.

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