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We have helped dozens of clients across many industries and culture.

"... your methodology is impressively powerful and the result speaks for itself. We will definitely adopt your recommendation to address the interoperability challenge we are facing ..."

                          -          - CTO, Accounting Firm

"... bringing VNC in to transform our 20 year system with 15 million lines of code was a dream come true. We were trying to do this for 5 years without success . I think VNC saved my job! ..."

                          -                 - CTO, SaaS 



Software Architecture Analysis & Guidance

Led a software architecture assessment for an Accounting firm in need of direction they were on the right track. VNCTech Group actions and recommendations enabled 25% cost savings, 50% improvement in on-time-delivery, and 40% improvement in quality.


Connect Business Outcomes and Technology

Leaders at a fast growing healthcare firm were experiencing delays in deliverables due to missing functionality. VNCTech Group actions and recommendations improved business and technology alignment to business outcomes enabling 75% improvement in time-to-delivery

background check.jpeg


Create RPA Algorithm and Development ERP Solution

With Robotics Processing Automation, created algorithm and developed ERP solution to avoid reporting inaccurate background screen results improving firm's ability to prove results are legally accurate and fair when challenged in court and/or by candidates.


Cloud Capability

Deep dive analysis and roadmap for warehousing firm enabling customized options and actions delivering cost saving cloud capabilities while also maintaining warehouse to operate locally in event of network outage. 

data center cloud.jpeg


Software Development

Transformed 15 million LoC and 300 stored procedures into modern .net and SQL Server technology stack that saved our client millions in licensing fees, maintenance costs and operational complexity ... plus increased revenue, EBIDTA and client retention.