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Learn how to develop, communicate and implement your technology strategy - for free.

We reveal the exact step-by-step process we've used with many companies across multiple industries over the last three decades. 

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Why are our VNC Academy Courses and BLOGs Free ?

We believe every business leader and professional has a story to tell about their business, knowledge to share, and how new technological innovation can be incorporated to meet challenges, grow revenue, and delight customers.

Many of these leaders use our services to help them capture their ideas into a professional and marketable technology strategy that proves positive impact for their companies. But some leaders, especially from startups, can’t yet afford our services (which range from $3,500/month to $9,500/month+).

Every one of these leaders should have access to the exact same information as anyone else, so their technology strategies can be just as professional as the leaders who can pay for our services. That’s our mission, and with the uncertainty in the world, and the pressures on small and medium size businesses, it’s even more important now than before.

Leaders need the tools, methods and approaches to be able to capture and move their technology strategies forward, and we can help by teaching you everything you need to know to develop, communicate and implement a technology strategy.


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