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Organizational effectiveness based on Business needs with clearly identified roles & responsibilities delivers faster time to market, higher quality, and efficiency. Those with the right people, process, and structure with ability to manage change delivers time and time again.

This part of your Labs Membership works with you with the intent to help deliver organizational analysis in terms of meeting current and future demand to meet business goals. We take a holistic approach to organizational strategy creation and execution. We help you identify your optimal path to success and design the most fitting operating model to get you there.

The Organization Effectiveness framework is designed to arm executives, boards and managers with data-driven insight revealing and validating actions that will produce the biggest and most effective business benefits.


As part of your Labs Membership we align your Organization with Technology Strategy

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Organization Effectiveness Framework

Once we have insights into what your business goals and actions to get you there (Insights & Actions), it's time to take a look at the effectiveness of your organization to meet these challenges. Organizations are operationally most effective with a balanced operating model blending people, processes and structure.



It's critical the organization has the technical experience, leadership, skills, and competencies needed to execute the business strategy and actions defined in Insights and Actions. We take a holistic view of the entire organization with emphasis on the technology capabilities of IT.

Leadership:  These are individuals responsible for developing and deploying the strategy and monitoring results. In order to drive technology strategy in most organizations, technology leadership must be transformation thinkers with a new set of skills and capabilities that embodies a more expansive role. Our analysis evaluates your technology leaders in their ability to be a driver of change with the following key attributes:

  • Business Leadership: Drives technology to generate business value

  • Change Agent: Infuses technology into strategy discussions

  • Talent Scout: Focus on recruiting top talent and retaining them. Understands Outsourcing benefits.

  • Drives Outstanding Culture: Removes bureaucracy, enables best practices, fosters sense of community

  • Speaks Business Language: Educates business leaders about technologies and their applications for the business

Skill Sets & Experience:  As the business world adapts to a new remote-first reality and rapidly changing technologies, IT skill gaps have widened. We provide clear insight into what skills your company lacks and how to fill these gaps. we start with measuring and assessing your current employees skills including expertise, products they worked on, hard and soft skills, and any 360 type reviews done in past. We align their current skills to business objectives and actions mapping where there are weaknesses and gaps that may prevent the business from reaching their technology strategy goals. We then provide a plan to fill these gaps which may include training, hiring, and outsourcing.


During this phase, we perform a high level analysis of your business processes to identify possible areas of improvement to meet business objectives. Through discussions and analysis of past postmortems, we will help your business identify process issues and suggestions to fix them.

We may recommend our Optimize and Automate Workflows program that focuses on detailed business wide workflows improvements. 

Optimize & Automate WorkflowsCompanies shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of work for the sake of speed; or risk employee burnout because of inefficient processes or poor organization. Through our careful workflow analysis, we help you find a balance that improves your business. Our program identifies where you are wasting your time, streamlines the work process, and finds opportunities to improve the workflow. Click here for details

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Organization Structure

We want to ensure your organizational structure aligns to achieve maximum performance and to meet your business challenges. The structure affects your organization's success in carrying out strategic actions and objectives identified during Insights and Actions phase

Organization Structure Current State : We look at the current organization’s structure based on Business strategy and actions defined during Insights & Actions phase to identify gaps.

Organization Structure Future State : We look at solutions to fill gaps such as setting up a new model with clearly identified roles & responsibilities,  flat vs. matrix, central vs. de-central & chain of command.

IT Team Structure: Focused on ensuring IT is a provider of services that enables the organization to effectively deliver products, operate and support the Business. We provide gaps and solutions to ensure IT is predictive, stable, efficient and aligned to deliver business outcomes. 

IT Organization Change Mgmt (OCM): Focused on people, a framework is designed to ensure an organization can manage the impact of new business processes, IT systems, and / or changes in organizational structure with minimal resistance and disruption of service. Coaching and / or training can be provided at an extra cost.

IT Change Mgmt : Provides analysis of the Change Management function & processes plus an improvement plan for increasing efficiency & reducing outages based on output. Assesses elements such as CAB structure, change types & risk, change windows, approval levels & groups, outage themes, tools and more. 

IT Incident & Problem Mgmt : Provides analysis and an improvement plan for ensuring incidents & problems are appropriately captured, tracked, communicated & resolved in minimal time to reduce risk. Looks at Incident & Problem trends, severity levels, root-cause analysis, time & cost to resolve, tools and more.

It's time you maximize the effectiveness of your organization

If you're serious about maximizing the effectiveness your organization to meet new business challenges, let's talk.

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

As part of your Labs Membership we align your organization with Technology Strategy

Lets talk About Membership
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