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Optimization Services

To optimize something means to maximize it's potential and make it as useful as possible.


VNCTech Group's Optimization Services aim to streamline operations within a project process, maximize resource use and improve overall business output. It is a significant element of business decision-making.








VNCTech Group's Optimization Services are specific assessments designed to uncover issues and provide actionable recommendations with the following benefits:

  • Streamline operations: This assessment provides an actionable set of recommendations to overhaul outdated, repetitive practices and automate them to create a smarter system. It also provides a clearer view of business processes by uniting all operations under a single solution.

  • Organizational resource management: An analysis focused on cutting waste and maximizing resources by laying out issues and recommendations enabling development & project teams to become far more efficient, saving time and money.

  • Streamline Development Process: 

    • With constant optimization at every stage of software development, testing and deployment, teams can spot risk factors and issues early on and rectify them before they escalate enabling the right mix of agile and other methodologies. Automation may be introduced to reduce human error and improve accountability.

  • Streamline Quality assurance: When teams consistently assess the performance of their project deliverables and make regular changes to improve output, they will increase their quality standards.

  • Methodology Assessment focused on Decreasing Cycle Time: Identify and fill gaps and problems in process, people, tools ... improve SDLC, DevOps, project management, Agile

  • Application Rationalization: Identify redundant apps and cost
    which overlap in function and deliver minimal to no business value.

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We promise that our unique approach will identify company strengths and weaknesses, resulting in creation, and implementation of an actionable plan focused on significant cost savings, performance improvements, and productivity.


"This approach was more actionable, in-depth, delivered in less time, and for less money than all the high priced consulting firms that came through here in the past!" 

-- CEO, Industrial 

We have already seen cost savings in our operation that we applied to new product initiatives. Thank you VNC!

-- CFO, Manufacuring

We were concerned that software deliverables were getting more and more costly, with delayed deployments and quality issues which was also impacting customer satisfaction. VNCTech Group came in and helped fine tune our development process as well as started deploying agile and devops methods and skills

-- CIO, Background Screening


2x increase revenue  5x EBIDTA Valuation
24 month ROI

"Anthony Maiello quickly stepped in providing data proving feasibility, strategic approach and implementation plan delivering EBIDTA results, organic growth, M&A, and knowledge to our teams at zero budget ... amazing"

-PE Chair, Background Screening