A+ Rated On Demand Experts

Augment Your Team Right Now with Experience You Need and the Right to Hire Later

On-demand Developers, Industry Experts, Architects, and Project Managers each bring outstanding capabilities and skills to your team — a fresher, outside perspective with regards to their subject matter expertise and technical experience that quickly develops and deploys projects enabling business outcomes and success. We also know that our on-demand resources will be delivering intellectual property and skills you may want to retain on your team permanently which is why we offer a “right to hire” full time after you evaluate their performance. 

A Snapshot of Our On-Demand Technology Talent Skillsets


  • Project Managers

  • Custom Software Developers

  • Cloud Developers - Azure, AWS, 

  • C#, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, VBA, Ruby

  • IoT, ML, AI Developers

  • Full Stack Developers

  • .net Developers 

  • Mobile - Android, iOS

  • Salesforce integrations

  • Data Engineers

  • Cybersecurity

  • Blockchain

  • SQL Developers

  • Web and Mobile App


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Staff Augmentation

Let us own the cost and liability of A+ rated resources that you can employ for a specific project. VNCTech Group leaders have the global partnerships helping many companies augment their teams across the globe. 

  • Reduces Recruitment Time

  • Eliminates full time costs

  • Not bound to physical location

  • Fresh outside perspective

  • Limitless skills expansion

Right-to-Hire / Recruitment

Whether you hired 1 or 200 resources, our staff augmentation service is flexible and always provides a "right-to-hire" option in the event you would like to retain certain resources full time. 

  • "Try before you Buy"

  • When you onboard, the resource is already trained and ready to go

  • Great technology and cultural fit


Jerome P., CEO

"VNCTech Group leadership quickly stepped in as a fractional CTO helping prove feasibility, strategic approach and implementation plan that will deliver EBIDTA results, organic growth, M&A, and knowledge to our teams at zero budget "