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learn about strategy planning


Learn disciplined approaches on how to create a strategy map, how to find and match the best KPIs, how to use business frameworks, how to cascade and align goals and much more in planning and executing a strategy plan.  You will have opportunities to collaborate with your peers who usually have similar problems to solve as well as have access to articles and podcast on various strategy subjects. Training will challenge and test your newly learned abilities and reward you with VNC certification when you're complete. 

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Learn Strategy Includes:

Frameworks Video Tutorials- learn all about the most popular framework

Strategy Plan Video Tutorials- learn all about our 6 steps process - hot to create and execute a strategy

Peer-Peer Collaboration - Connect and Collaborate with peers on strategic topics.

Articles & Podcasts- Regular thought provoking, data driven, and opinionated by experts and SMEs

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Frameworks Video Tutorials

Our framework video tutorials focuses on the strategic approach to populating your strategic plan​. These tutorials cover all the most popular frameworks such as SWOT, PEST, VRIO, BSC, and OKRs - how and when to apply each of them to help you come up with your goals, as well as categorize your goals into trends to ensure they’re balanced and will meet your needs.

Click video on the left to see an 26 minute overview of five popular frameworks what you will learn.

Strategy Plan Video Tutorials

Six Lessons Covered 
Overview of Strategic Planning Process - Summary of the process