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Gathering data producing valuable insights and making data-driven decisions is high on many C-level minds. Those who can efficiently work with their data producing new revenue generating actions and optimizing existing capabilities will be the winners.

You will use our VNCPropel Platform, expertise and tools on your data for consistent analysis that builds at each stage to deliver deep understanding and insights into your business. Insights provide essential wisdom and reveals actions you can take to improve your business. 

The Insights and Actions framework is designed to arm executives, boards and managers with data-driven insight revealing and validating actions that will produce the biggest and best business benefits.  Scroll down to learn more.

As part of your Labs membership, we help you align your data to enable insights 

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The Insights & Actions Framework

The following outlines the core knowledge, courses, workshops and benefits you will gain from this part of your "Labs" membership. This membership includes VNCTech Group experts working with you ensuring you can meet your goals and deadlines. 

Insights provide essential wisdom about your customers and reveals actions you can take to improve your business. However, these insights cannot be obtained without data and analysis.

With our VNCPropel Platform at the core, we will discuss a three step approach for gaining the intelligence you need to make better decisions and understand your customers:

  • Step 1. Gather data

  • Step 2. Apply data analysis

  • Step 3. Interpret insights & Actions

Building from the rock-solid foundation of your own data, you will use this analysis and the resulting insights to grow and develop your business.


Data Gather

Data is the foundation of providing actionable intelligence of our clients’ situations and opportunities. The process includes collecting different types of data from your organization, technology disruptions and industry. All information gathered will be continuously combined and analyzed using our VNCPropel data driven platform. 

The output of this step is identification of observations and issues that need to be addressed for your organization to achieve desired business goals.

Stakeholder Interviews:  One-on-One interview with key stakeholders across the company from various departments. We may also interview a few clients depending on your needs. The discussions are focused on gathering observations to understand custom and specific challenges, business objectives, and timescales. 

Business Strategy: We look at existing business plans as well as talk to stakeholders to understand the clear definition of your business including values and purpose. We want to understand what success actually looks like in your eyes.  This information becomes vital when aligning IT to business strategy ensuring business objectives are achieved.

Machines / Applications / Financials We gather information on your current IT estate including machines, applications and financials. Details include sites, devices, servers, databases, applications, and software.

Industry Research and Technology Disruptions This research provides data of potential technology disruptions  as it related to your industry. This research is ongoing throughout the entire process and tends to introduce new approaches and ask fundamental questions to your team and stakeholders. We may tap into what we are seeing as "developmental" disruptions and test old theories to apply new context. 

Other Internal Documentation We further gather information on current and future states through requesting and reading through internal documentation including but not limited to operational metrics/incident reporting, CMDB reports, architecture, service procedures, vendor contracts and business & technology strategy.


Data Analysis

We inject data gathered into our VNCPropel Platform to initiate our ecosystem of solutions and certified experts. This  unleashes our technology planning and delivery service at its' fullest potential by discovering trends and patterns gleaned from your gathered data. The intent if to find tremendous value buried in the massive data sets we gathered to unlock business value. The VNCPropel platform provides consistent value as new data is collected and analyzed.

Observations : We combine the data gathered to create raw observations - usually these are in the thousands. By using our VNCPropel technology and human expertise, we start defining trends that observations tend to fall in. For example, a trend may be "interoperability" or  "Security". The output of this part of the process are well-defined and data-driven trends that need to become focus areas moving forward.

Issues / Problems:  Using our data science capabilities, this analysis injects the observations to define issues and problems that may need to be addressed in order to achieve business goals.  By using our VNCPropel data science technology and our expertise, the output is a set of well-defined, detailed and prioritized issues and problems. For example, we may have observed through gathered data that 15,000 messages were pushed out of your app last month. That may not mean much as it stands, but our analysis takes a deeper dive into the data revealing that your system sent 5.7 messages per user, with an open rate of 19%. This transforms your data and gives clarity on effectiveness of your marketing and may have revealed a problem or issue that may need to be addressed.

** Deeper Dive Assessments :  Based on our findings, we may recommend to take deeper dives into specific areas to get more information that will add value and detail.

Insights & Actions

Business Meeting

We map issues/problems to insights in order to derive and validate actions that makes sense for your business needs. The output of the process is insight that validates a set of actionable recommendations focused on solving the real issues and problems. With the VNCPropel platform and our network of experts, you aren't just getting one experts' view on actions, you're getting an ecosystem and team of experts across multiple industries.

Insights: Using problems and issues detected, we can derive value by identifying opportunities to grow your business. We want to be sure we are correcting problems that truly exist by understanding the business impact insight. If we continue with our app example, insights might show that sending those 5.7 push messages per user resulted in a 12% increase in purchases. Now you know that your push campaigns are effective, the action is continue to test new variations and optimize your messaging to further boost purchases.

Business Strategy:  Aligning actions with overall business strategy delivers effective IT programs enabling business success. We ensure the business and technology teams are on the same page with the goals, timeline, and boundaries of the business strategy to deliver new revenue, margin and business success. insight

Recommendations / Actions:  This is where "the rubber meets the road"; Based on derived insights, we define actionable recommendations that solves validated issues and problems. Again, we use our VNCPropel data driven technology. insights and our experienced experts to define prioritized and detailed actions that can be consumed by the organization and implemented in a timeline and predictable budget.

Monitor / Revise:  As with any strategic plan, it’s important to closely monitor if your company is implementing it successfully and how you can adjust it for a better outcome.

It's time to transform your data into insights & actions

If you're serious about getting business benefit from your data by putting it into action this year, let's talk.

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

As part of your Labs membership, we help you align your data to enable insights 

Lets Talk About Membership
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Ready to Transform Your Data into Actions that Deliver Value?

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