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Your infrastructure, such as networks and servers, should be able to fully support your organization, whether it's on-premise, Cloud-based, or a hybrid approach. Cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability are some of the keywords to keep in mind.

Proactively manage your IT infrastructure to achieve cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability. 

We know Business, Technology and Operations leaders want more flexible strategies to deploy any workload, anytime, anywhere. We work with you during this part of your Labs Membership towards the goal to obtain options (including cloud) that focus on supporting applications and workloads in the most cost efficient, reliable and scalable manner supporting your business objectives

With your Labs Membership Insights & Actions and other optimization programs under your belt - you have a great starting point with business-driven insights and signature-ready IT actions to achieve targeted business outcomes.


As part of your Labs Membership we align your infrastructure with Technology Strategy

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VNCTech Group overall services are uniquely positioned to help you build your technology strategy framework incorporating emerging technologies and next-generation infrastructure capabilities aligned to your business objectives and priorities. We discuss analyzing your current IT infrastructure environment and provide a road-map for the implementation of adaptable, efficient and agile infrastructure (ie remote work and cloud alternatives.

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Remote Work

We explore cost-efficient and scalable cloud based virtual desktop options and compare to your traditional VDI options that typically require large upfront CapEx. We will also provide insights comparing AWS to Azure base don your business objectives.

Azure Virtual Desktop: This modern, Cloud-based VDI uses existing Microsoft 365 licenses and a pay-per-use model - especially useful for organizations who'd like to have VDI available as an option at all times at a lower cost.

Amazon (AWS) Workspace:  An AWS cloud based VDI with options to select Windows or Linux desktops - especially useful for organizations who'd like to reduce complexity of managing VDIs, operating systems and hardware resources.


Cloud Based
There is a major shift taking place in infrastructure these days. Organizations are looking for the ability to be more agile and increase and decrease capacity at will. Compared to traditional on-premise infrastructure, Cloud-based options provide organizations with flexibility to increase and decrease capacity as employee head counts fluctuate, and provides organizations with cost-saving opportunities (as you only pay for what you consume) ... providing this is done correctly!

Assessment First: If your organization is evaluating Cloud-based infrastructure, we recommend starting start with popular Cloud Assessments (Azure & AWS) to uncover all dependencies within your current network, understand the cost of running in each of these cloud solutions, and discover any potential security risks in your environment (like Shadow IT).   

Cloud Ready:  We help you understand the cloud readiness of each of your business-critical servers, and what, if any, preliminary work would need to be completed on the servers to ensure that they could successfully run on Azure and/or AWS. This assessment provides a clear picture of the pro's and con's of Azure and AWS,  requirements for a cloud Migration on each platform, and a projected cost analysis to help you budget for your new Cloud-based infrastructure. 

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Understand the most efficient ways to leverage IT as a critical business advantage. We help you and your management team by reviewing and measuring two aspects of your business (your business needs and your IT capabilities), performing a gap analysis, and providing recommendations to close the gap between the two.  Starting with our Insights and Actions program to collect relevant information, we produce actionable roadmap outlining the gaps and actions fix them, as well as addresses any current IT issues, inefficient technology, and how these changes can increase productivity in your organization.

It's time you maximize the value of your Infrastructure 

If you're serious about maximizing the value your Infrastructure today, let's talk.

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

As part of your Labs Membership we align your infrastructure with Technology Strategy

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Ready to for Cost-efficient, Scalable, and Reliable Infrastructure ?

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