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Our VNCDesigner Platform provides company teams, individuals and leaders with a one-of-a-kind performance management system and strategic designer platform encompassing the industry's best strategy plan training, industry insight, strategy map tools, dashboards, scorecards, business frameworks such as SWOT, PEST, VRIO, OKRs and VRIO, and all the resources needed today and well into the future. The system is built in a way so different parts of the organization from leadership to strategy teams and operational teams can be involved and realize a significant benefit.

Everything you need to know about Business strategy

Who is this                             For?

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Senior Leadership Team

  • One consolidated strategic view of entire organization

  • Single source of truth about strategy - great for presenting the strategy with real and accurate information

  • Complete control of strategy through dashboards and reports


  • Strategy mapping - goals, risks, reasoning KPIs, Actions ...

  • Create tasks and actions with budgets, timelines, statuses ...

  • Define quantifiable KPIs & Key results - measurable with target outcomes

  • Align overall strategy with operational strategy maps across the company


  • See aligned goals from strategy plan to understand needs

  • Create your own strategy maps with key results, KPIs, actions ... for aligned goals

  • Report your performance with KPIs and other tools

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How Others Implement 

in their Environments

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Member Portal 

Our custom-built member portal makes engaging in VNCTech Group easy. Every employee of a membership company receives an account, and within the portal individuals can search for recommended programs and resources, engage with training, use VNCDesigner Strategy Software, and access lots of other special member perks that come along with an all-inclusive VNCTech Group membership.

Business Frameworks Video Tutorials

Learn and get certified in all the popular business frameworks such as SWOT, PEST, VRIO, BSC and OKRs. Implement these frameworks right on our VNC Strategy Designer Platform and integrate the results in your strategy maps and scorecards cascaded across your company - all automatically with intelligence and tracking.

PEST Framework Cideo Tutorials User Interface
Strategy Planning Process  Video Tutorial User Interface

Strategy Planning Process Video Tutorials

Overview of Strategic Planning Process - Summary of the process

Foundation - Mission & Vision Statements. Corporate Core Values

Proposition - Strategic Frameworks & Models resulting in Hypothesis

Details - Completing Balanced Scorecard - Goals, Objectives, Strategy Maps, Actions

Alignment - Objectives & Key results - Cascading goals across all tiers of org

Execution - Indicators (leading & Lagging), reporting, Tracking, KPIs

VNCDesigner Platform

A workspace for your strategy with scorecards, goals, indicators, initiatives, and strategy maps. We have developed the ultimate strategy planning software making strategy planning easier and more efficient.

This platform will be released by the end of Q1.  Feel free to use all our other services including clicking on our training access page to learn all about our strategic process supported on this great platform.

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