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To state the obvious, these are challenging times for the healthcare systems across the globe. Patient safety, quality of service and data security occupied the minds of healthcare leaders prior to the current pandemic. Now, with the increased patient volume along with the changing procedures and protocols, leaders are seeking experts at increased rates.


VNCTech Group is helping our healthcare clients apply our VNCPropel approach providing improved ability for the staff to tend to patients needs while administration can focus on the arising needs. VNCPropel helps our healthcare customers improve their processes while ensuring systems are in place for continued success.

  • Patient safety through secure, integrated data

  • COVID response and adherence to current protocols

  • Controlling increased cost of patient care balanced with infrastructure

  • Optimizing results through customer portals

  • Enhancing revenue management


The VNCPropel approach includes three phases. Throughout these phases, your team will learn how to adopt and maintain the methodologies used to help your company excel. Through VNCEssentials, your company will realize the improvements necessary to improve the patient experience and staff experience through the daily activities. This will result in improved patient experience and decreased operating costs. With VNCThrive, your company will embrace the right technologies to allow for growth and expansion!

Our teams are helping our healthcare customers focus on quality patient care while realizing decreased operating costs and improved margins, even during these evolving times.

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Surj Ramlogan

With 30 years experience, Surj led the development and launch of large, complex healthcare and commercial solutions; champions and executes business objectives through servant leadership, customer advocacy, technology, and agile processes. Full lifecycle experience.
Proven track-record for taking large and small product development organizations through enterprise release cycles with the launch of new products.
Goal of improving the healthcare delivery system through the use of advance technology solutions, usability, consistency, interoperability and seamless integration.
Specialties: Global Leadership & Change Management Portfolio Strategy & Management

Chief Technology Officer

Healthcare Services

surj copy.jpg

Partner and head of Healthcare Services, VNCTech Group, based in Atlanta, TX USA.

Surj is a partner of VNC Technologies companies and is the Firm's international sector lead partner of Healthcare Services



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Another great article by Surj


Coming Soon

Another great article by Surj