Tips for Setting Your Company up for Future Success with a Health Check

By Kristin Kelly Janacek, Digital Strategy Officer at VNCTech Group 

The world continues to evolve and seems to be changing at a quicker pace every time we try to measure it. In the midst of the continuous change, business leaders are faced with decisions for how they run their businesses and achieve success. Often, business leaders will determine the goal and success metrics and infrequently revisit the strategy while they are focused on the tactics of the day to day operations. All the while, they are making decisions intended to reach their success metrics, but if the world is continuously changing, are they making the right decisions for their ultimate success goals?


Within every company and industry there are many moving parts to keep an eye on and incorporate into decisions. Analyzing every option for each decision would paralyze a company. However, evaluating the factors that contribute to your decisions periodically is a healthy investment of time. Even better is to create a method for refreshing the metrics for success for your company, how the world has shifted since the last time you evaluated the industry and determining your updated destination.


Am I suggesting repeating creating a business plan annually or more often? No. I am suggesting having a method ...


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