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Mission / Vision / Core Values

The intent of these lessons is to help you set the right foundation by defining or updating (existing) your mission, vision and corporate core values. Many organizations often neglect this step as they feel it's abstract and a waste of time. It's our experience that these form the foundation to better understand your company and how how it ticks.

Courses Details
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Topics covered ... 

    Mission - Highest level goal for the company 

    Vision - The future as seen by the company

    Core Values - Principles y which a company works

    Stakeholders - Identify list and organize thoughts

    Strategy Designer Platform Tools and Frameworks

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Define Mission, Vision, Core Values

Using BSC and OKRs - Define and Document in strategy map.

Mission - We work on ensuring you understand how to create and/or update your mission with inspiration in mind. Your mission needs to be encapsulate your current goals at a high level in a brief but impactful and inspirational statement.

Vision - This is where we work on describing what your company looks like in the future.

Core Values - These are the backbone to your company. We work together to develop and/or update core values that closely aligns to your company's true principles.

Test Mission, Vision and Core Values in a Challenge - Values not aligned to actions do more harm than good. You will get some guidance on how to validate what you have come up with and it works (or not) for your company.

Document Mission, Vision and Core Values in Strategy Designer tool - document your statements in the Strategy Designer for the entire company to access as well as be linked to future strategy work in the tool.


These are key people who have an interest in your company.  Interviewing the right stakeholders, with the right process and questions is imperative to better understand the challenges of the organization in order to develop a focused strategy. We provide insight, tools and process to help manage stakeholders and content gathered during this part of the lesson:

  • Identifying who should be on this list - typically customers, employees, board members, executives, founders, investors suppliers.

  • Develop questions to ask each stakeholder based on their interest in the company

  • One-on-One interview process - tools to collect data

  • Process and tools to analyze data to understand custom and specific challenges, business objectives, and timescales. 

Models & Frameworks Certifications

While we almost always combine different models and frameworks based on unique company needs (as you will see form our strategic planning process), we believe its imperative you understand the ins and outs of your core and most common industry standard frameworks and models as understood in general context.

We cover most common models and frameworks

  • Strategy Models - Standard, Goals-Based, Alignment, Scenario-Based

  • Strategy Frameworks

    • Strategy execution frameworks - Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for the overall strategy and the more lightweight OKR framework for specific challenges.

    • Strategy formulation frameworks. SWOT, PEST, VRIO that help organizations generate their business proposition and high level goals (step 2 of the strategic planning process). 

Click one below to learn more about the content and detail on Models and Frameworks. 

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