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Access to Talent


Faster Strategy and time to market with access to highly qualified, certified and vetted technical and PMO resources, peer-peer group sessions, and 1:1 support from our SMEs to help you fill the gaps, get expert advice and execute your strategy. 

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Access to Technology Talent

We know ramping up, filling talent gaps, and finding the right people to create, enable and implement a technology strategy is hard and time consuming. 

VNCTech Group's Access to Talent Program formally certifies each project manager, architect, developer, tester, and manager ensuring they have the fundamental skills required to implement your technology strategy.

All candidates who are formally certified have their information sent to VNCTech Group members each week, and members are then encouraged to contact anyone they wish and ideally hire them as contractors with the right to hire – no finder fees of any kind are involved.

Candidates come to us through a number of different sources from prominent consulting companies to independent developers.

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Advisory & Support

When it comes to growing a B2B organization through the power of aligning technology with business goals, sometimes it really does “take a village.” That’s why our team of experienced SMES, CTOS and CIOS are here to support our members every step of the way, via personal coaching sessions, impromptu whiteboard sessions, or just idea sharing – on all topics, from technology leadership to enablement to IT operations, and everything in between.

Are you Ready for a Talent?

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