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Enterprise Architecture

A data-driven technology blueprint and visual mapping out workflows, metrics, applications, infrastructure, software and security needed to deliver your business strategy is what C-level minds want in an enterprise architecture. Simply stated, this  enables better products helping drive more revenue and margin.

The purpose of enterprise architecture is to give leaders a visual mapping of IT enablers aligned to business objectives with a set of KPIs that drive ongoing discussions about business strategy and how it can be expressed through IT (over years to come). 

We will start your Enterprise Architecture with the output from your Labs Insights & Actions, Organization, Infrastructure, Applications, Security, and Workflow analysis and define specific actions, governance, best practices and ways of measuring success based on business objectives.

The output of this program is to develop the Enterprise Architecture that will become a living document as business and needs change.


As part of your Labs Membership, we align your EA to your Technology Strategy 

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Enterprise Architecture Framework

Your Enterprise Architecture blueprint centers on six interconnected elements in order to determine how your organization can effectively achieve it's current and future business objectives. This is all about technology, planning and strategy - so the VNCTech Group Technology Strategy Framework services are applied across the board to create a great enterprise architecture.

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We will work with you to define the roles and responsibilities of the person and team who will keep things on track, to maintain standards, to provide decision-making, to delegate working groups, and to manage the project.  Most importantly, this team is there to ensure alignment of business goals with IT enablers.

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Not to be confused with overall Framework for Technology Strategy, this is specific to enterprise architecture and part of the overall Technology Strategy Framework. We will work with you and your team to select the best framework for your specific needs. We want to express your enterprise architecture as interrelated layers including specific architecture for business, applications, information, technology, security, cloud, and simplified view of your organization - where its meeting expectations, not meeting and actions necessary to meet expectations.

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We work with you to define rules, regulations, laws, and segment-specific standards that govern the implementation or maintenance of the new plans being developed. Much of this will be discovered during our stakeholder interviews and document reviews during INSIGHTS & ACTIONS phase.


Best Practices

Finally, we work with your team to create standardization of your operating procedures. This enforces consistency of processes and compliance. But it also promotes transparency, so teams understand the deliverables (documentation artifacts). We can use our WORKFLOW and ORGANIZATION processes to discover and hone these best practices.

It's time you enable your Enterprise Architecture View

If you're serious about defining your Enterprise Architecture, lets talk

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

As part of your Labs Membership, we align your EA to your Technology Strategy 

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Ready to Create Your Enterprise Architecture?

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