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Of the many technology trends and disruptions driving the energy transition over the last 30 plus years, one in particular - digitalization - has come onto the scene with impressive potential to cut costs, increase efficiencies and improve reliability in the power, solar, wind, renewables, and utility sector. For example, cloud technologies, 5G communications, data & analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence if applied correctly in power plants and utility networks could save up to $100 billion annually through 2040 according to the International Energy Agency. This is a key driver for energy utilities, where we see digitalization influencing investment strategies growing at least 20% a year. 

Our technology leadership services focus on assisting our firms' clients to address key drivers and issues facing the Energy & Utilities  industry including:

  • Protect People & Assets

  • Optimize Reliability & Continuity

  • Maximizing Operational Efficiency

  • Regulatory and Standards Requirements

  • Adhere and Simplify Compliance and Reporting

Our services provides the leadership, technology (software & infrastructure blueprints and execution), and subject matter expertise enabling our energy clients to turn disruptions like cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, and data analytics into enablers creating new business opportunities and profitability. 

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Utility Earnings in a Services Oriented World

By Advanced Energy Economy Institute

Interesting article on how utilities can expense cloud computing projects. 



Evolving Cybersecurity Concerns in Utilities Sector

By BitSight

CIP-013 is just the beginning; Utility regulations demand robust third party risk management...


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A proven approach to helping our customers excel and thrive in challenging times. Developed through 140 collective years of experience to help you propel your business to future success!

Ken Caird

Over 40 years’ experience in the Electric Utility automation field for large public companies as well as small startups. Deep and widely recognized expertise in a wide range of utility Smart Grid automation fields spanning transmission, distribution, and microgrids. Broad experience combined with unique capabilities to identify and clarify the interactions between technologies, economic, and business considerations, and the role of standards and regulations. Technical depth in Smart Grid technologies, substation automation, distribution and feeder automation, communication systems, primary equipment asset monitoring and diagnostics, as well as renewable energy and microgrid integration and automation. Have held engineering and chief engineering executive roles at companies such as GE Energy and Canadian Utility designing and installing EMS and SCADA Systems, communication networks, protection automation, smart grids, and more.

Chief Technology Officer

Energy & Utilities


Partner and head of Energy and Utilities, VNCTech Group, based in Calgary Canada.

Ken is the Firm's international sector lead partner of Energy & Utilities



TD World Webinar:Infrared & AI Focused APM

Most faults in substation equipment produce some sort of thermal signature. Ken shares demo of Infrared Thermography  for utilities...



Texas Grid Balancing Act

The great ice storm of 2021 which caused havoc on Texas uncovered challenges in the energy market system. Ken explains in his blog...



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