Technology Strategy

All partners of our elite executive consulting team at VNCTech Group understands, through experience, trial, and error, that a solid technology strategy and roadmap enables your business strategy and is essential in achieving growth objectives, principles, and tactics for your organization.


Enterprises need not — and should not — go it alone. We help our clients through technology strategy scenario planning, assessment and roadmap processes to ensure growth and operational efficiency. Our elite group of technology experts have the experience and expertise to forecast technology shifts that may be disrupting organizations outside (or inside) your industry in order to determine whether you should adopt a new technology. We forge a true partnership with you helping identify new technologies that can benefit your company.

We at VNCTech Group are often asked, “Where and how can I show incremental business value quickly with a digital transformation?” Drawing on our expertise as vendor-agnostic technology executives, along with our 700-plus world-class partners, we can quickly identify where to focus and how to reduce operating costs to invest in digital innovation reducing high up front spend challenges while also avoiding "boiling the ocean". We can assess and design business and technology processes to ensure agility and speed, reflecting in a solid technology strategy that aligns with your company goals and business outcomes.

VNCTech Group may be a new company in the VNC Technologies family, but we were not born yesterday. Our elite team of leaders and partners combined have many years of experience in the technology with deep expertise in multiple industries. Having met the challenges of innovation many times before, our mission is to enable today’s enterprise to succeed tomorrow and in the years to come by helping outline the right roadmap and digital technology strategy aligning with your specific business outcomes and goals.

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7 Secrets to Getting Digital Transformation Right

By Esther Shein | CIO.COM

... By focusing too closely on being competitive and innovative and putting the bulk of their efforts into technology, they might be missing the boat ...



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Anthony Maiello

Mission driven growth technology leader with over 35 years’ experience in a broad array of industries such as energy, travel, background screening, security systems, manufacturing, information technology, and electronics software systems. Passionate problem solver and authentic communicator with proven track record for building successful teams in large corporate and smaller private equity environments. World-wide respected technologist with deep knowledge in industrial and enterprise software systems, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, IoT, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies. A Trusted Advisor, visionary, and executive strategic leader with keen ability in articulating technology vision and business outcomes to Boards. Stakeholders, and Executives enabling maximum profits as well as happy customers, employees, and shareholders.

Chief Executive Officer

Digital Tranformation


CEO, Partner and head of Digital Transformation, VNCTech Group, based in Dallas, TX USA.

Anthony is CEO and Founder of VNC Technologies companies and is the Firm's international sector lead partner of Digital Transformation



The Truth About Digital Transformation

I am writing this short article to summarize what I have learned and observed in technology transformations over the last 35 years including the most recent in trusted advisory services roles as well as understanding how to execute in a post pandemic world.



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Another great article by Anthony