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Technology Strategy Strategic Planning

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"A Technology Strategic Plan helps bridge this gap between vision and actions. It gives you the details and a visuals of how to execute a digital technology strategy, and it outlines key results in an appropriate time frame"       -- Anthony Maiello, CEO, VNCTech Group

Your all-inclusive membership provides everything you need to build a strategic plan with the details on how to achieve the goals of a strategy as well as share the actionable business vision with stakeholders. The goal of a strategic plan is to provide executives, managers and teams with

a data-driven, in-depth plan for meaningful changes focused on business outcomes. All levels of the company and stakeholders will understand why changes are necessary, what tasks to undertake to realize those changes, and the sequence in which specific actions must occur.

Six Lessons Covered 







Overview of Strategic Planning Process - Summary of the process
Characteristics - Stakeholder interviews, Mission, Vision and Values
Strategic Approach - Models/Frameworks, Themes, Priorities
Strategy Details - Goal, Strategy Maps, Initiatives, KPIs, Budgets, Risks
Strategy Communication - all levels of the organization & stakeholders
Execution - Metrics, Aligned Objectives Reporting) 

At the end these 6 lessons, you will be certified by VNCTech Group as a Subject Matter expert in Technology Strategy Strategic Planning.

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Overview of Strategic Planning process

This overview course discusses the 6 step process of strategic planning at very high level. We will review taking vision, mission and core values of a desired future for your company or organization, and then translating this into broad goals or objectives gathered through frameworks, models and strategy maps which are then further broken down into a series of actions which if taken, will result in the achievement of the vision as well as a well planned communication strategy to articulate the strategy to every tier of the company and stakeholders.

Your all-inclusive membership includes the following on-demand courses

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Technology Strategy Models

A model can be thought of as the "process" to follow when developing a strategic plan. During this lesson you will go through separate courses on each industry proven strategic model and how to us:

  • Goals-Based, Scenario-Based, Standard, and Alignment models.

  • How to select the right model or models that best fits your company's unique needs, culture and goals

Each course will provide a formal certification after passing a test to prove knowledge and capability.​

Technology Strategy Frameworks

A strategic planning framework refers to the conceptual approach you will bring to populating your strategic plan​. all-inclusive membership we help you establish the right Frameworks (essentially methodologies) that you can apply to help you come up with your goals, as well as categorize your goals to ensure they’re balanced and will meet your needs. You may need to use many frameworks within a model to achieve specific objectives. 

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Alignment if IT and business goals

A digital strategic plan must be aligned with the overall business goals. Any IT request, project or organizational change management strategy should be discussed well in advance to decide on investment priorities for the considered time frame. During this all-inclusive membership lab, you will learn processes and techniques on experts have aligned business outcomes with technology. 

Strategic Plan Roadmap

Our roadmap approach is simple - create a visualization of the strategy. It details what you want to achieve and a solid plan for how you will turn your vision into reality.

During this all-inclusive membership lab, you will enable a detailed technology roadmap that includes mission, IT initiatives/projects, objectives, KPIs, and impact of technology implementation.

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Business Conference

Change Communication Plan 

Very often we see well-defined strategies get created and never funded or supported internally because they are not well articulated to the stakeholders so the strategies are never seriously considered to be funded.

Employees often undergo denial, and resistance that make up the change curve before they are able to adapt to change.

During this all-inclusive membership lab, you will develop a transparent and detailed change communication plan that you can use to onboard your stakeholders and team members helping them embrace change better – driving adoption and funding of new IT technologies. 

IT Governance

IT governance is a subset of corporate compliance and ensures efficient and effective use of IT within the organization. IT includes policies related to cyber security and data protection. With the rise of hybrid and remote work with employees distributed across the globe, the need for an IT governance strategy has never been more important.

During this all-inclusive membership lab, you will create the right mix of governance elements that will keep your projects aggressively moving forward while providing the capability to monitor progress and update leadership accordingly.

IT Governance.jpg

IT Best Practices

IT organizations establish these IT best practices over a long period, and adherence to these practices ensure lower risks, reduced costs, and improved SLAs. This all inclusive membership lab will help you decide on best practices and establish a continuous process to keep these best practices updated regularly for relevance and improvement.  

IT Goals & Metrics

IT leaders must clearly define the goals & KPIs in their strategic plan for the IT team to deliver timely. Well-structured KPIs and goals will allow your team members to better plan for ad-hoc requests. 

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When it comes to understanding the role of the strategic plan, perhaps the most important concept to remember is that it is a strategic document that documents how the strategy will be implemented to meet business goals.



It's time to develop that  strategic plan

If you're serious about building a roadmap and strategic plan, let's talk.

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.


Ready to Transform Your Vision into Reality that Delivers Value?

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