Did the Pandemic Cause Panic?

By Kristin Kelley Janacek, Digital Strategy Officer at VNCTech Group 

When we entered 2020, we knew there was a problem coming across the sea that could impact our lives, but many did not expect the virus creating the drastic impact it has. And, let us be honest, there have been other pandemics that had not reached the US in the way that COVID-19 has so it was not something we knew how to prepare for. In 2002, China experienced the SARS outbreak which spread to 26 countries. Since 2014, there have been a few outbreaks of the “Bird Flu” which did reach the US, but barely impacted daily life. Our world has been experiencing outbreaks of varying levels of severity and spread but there are very few people who have lived through global pandemics that have affected so many countries as the Coronavirus is doing now


In the first quarter of 2020, COVID-19 caused the world to act swiftly and change how they do business dramatically. Some companies were well equipped to make minor changes to ensure the health and safety of their employees while maintaining the ability to conduct their businesses. Others were faced with a situation where they needed to act quickly to implement tools and processes to enable a resemblance of business as usual. And there were plenty of companies which acted swiftly to make impactful decisions such as layoffs and closing the doors to aspects of their business. When we look at the long-term effects of these companies’ decisions ... 


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