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Our clients leverage VNC's expertise in advanced analytics and data architecture to push technology, business, and teams to new levels achieving differentiation and new revenue value chains.

We understand that the right data strategy will make or break your company. Knowing when to incorporate data lakes versus warehouses; Data streaming in real time or near real time; data storage in the cloud or on premiss and so on .

We also understand how to evolve data to enable AI, IoT, and learning system technology that addresses solutions you need to run your business by delivering advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to continuously improve and provide self service capabilities.

Benefit from the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning with the ability to quickly transform and maintain production data into clean data that enables business intelligence benefiting your organization as well as all your clients - generating new revenue and value chains.

Use machine learning insights to improve your operation resulting in up to 30% cost savings. This helps fund new opportunities delivering measurable ROI and outstanding business outcomes.

Deliver insights with real time information accessed from devices and sensors from across the internet with IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud and technologies. Differentiate and disrupt your industry with learning business intelligence that improves your business resulting in better business outcomes.

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Anthony Maiello

Mission driven growth technology leader with over 35 years’ experience in a broad array of industries such as energy, travel, background screening, security systems, manufacturing, information technology, and electronics software systems. Passionate problem solver and authentic communicator with proven track record for building successful teams in large corporate and smaller private equity environments. World-wide respected technologist with deep knowledge in industrial and enterprise software systems, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, IoT, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies. A Trusted Advisor, visionary, and executive strategic leader with keen ability in articulating technology vision and business outcomes to Boards. Stakeholders, and Executives enabling maximum profits as well as happy customers, employees, and shareholders.

Chief Executive Officer

A.I, Data & Analytics


CEO, Partner and head of A.I. Data & Analytics, VNCTech Group, based in Dallas, TX USA.

Anthony is CEO and Founder of VNC Technologies companies and is the Firm's international sector lead partner of A.I. Data & Analytics



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Another great article by Anthony


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Another great article by Anthony