Implementation is a premier software development services package for leaders who are looking to improve their on time delivery, augment their development team skills, and/or need a skilled and experienced development team to quickly get things done. 

With over 3 decades of successes, you'll receive the best project managers, architects, developers and testers available, to ensure your project gets delivered on time with the highest quality.

This service is designed for technology leaders, executives, boards, and professionals who needs to quickly build and deliver software applications and infrastructure products and services to enable bottom line growth and business outcomes.

​A Short List of our Software Related Skills:

  • Software Development - .net, java, python ...

  • Legacy migrations - mainframes ...

  • Integrations - ERP, Salesforce ...

  • Project management

  • Agile & DevSecOps 

  • Web Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • Micro-services & SOA

  • ML/AI/Data & Analytics

  • Native & Multi Cloud Migrations

  • Validation & Testing

What's Included in Custom Software Package for your Company?

Our Custom Software Package is everything you need to deliver enterprise software and infrastructure systems on time, within budget, and with highest quality enabling margin and business outcomes.

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Project Management

From planning and scoping a project using work breakdown structures to risk mitigation, a VNCTech Group project manager has multiple roles and responsibilities to perform well beyond just ‘getting things done’:

  • Deliver projects within time and budget.

  • Manage stakeholder expectations.

  • Align project objectives to business goals.

  • Develop technology and business acumen.

  • Stay proactive to mitigate risks

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Detail Project Planning

You get a project management plan that answers the who, what, where, why, how and when of the project.  Our Project manager and development team provides a detailed project plan consisting of a series of formal documents that define the execution and control stages of your project. The plan includes considerations for risk management, resource management and communications, while also addressing scope, cost and schedule baselines. We incorporate the best project management software or use yours to ensure that plans are thorough and robust.

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Software Development & Testing

VNCTech Group started out as a custom software development company providing a complete software design and development service and we still are many years later. We incorporate only top 5% of architects, developers and testers with partnerships that span the globe. We deliver the best in class custom software solutions, elite software development teams and innovative cloud software to enterprise business across numerous industries.

  • Planning

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Integration 

  • Maintenance

It's time to get those software projects developed and delivered

If you're serious about getting your software projects back on track this year with the help of a world class development team, let's talk.

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

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