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Create Your Dynamic Strategy

Growth is easier with a plan that guides your team on what is important.  VNCDesigner helps companies create an actionable and tailored strategy that delivers on business outcomes. 

Break Down Silos in your Planning Process

Stop worrying about silos in your planning process. Align your team on a shared vision by bringing strategy map planning into a single view delivering company wide collaboration and breakthrough results.

Every scorecard, goal, action & KPIs in one place

Structured Strategy Maps & Spreadsheets - top down and bottom up

Full transparency. Understood accountability

Visualize your entire organizational activity with Single View

Communicate and collaborate across your organization 


Company-wide Planning with an Intuitive Framework

Don’t just check the box during annual planning offsites or big strategy meetings. VNCDesigner's Plan Builder helps you create a strategic plan that inspires and aligns employees.

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Use Interconnected strategy functional scorecards

Create all strategy scorecards and share them with your colleagues ... all in one place!

Create and manage all scorecards in one place

Organize scorecards into groups with access rights

Assign access rights on the group, scorecard, or KPI level

See the high-level performance data for the root KPIs of the scorecards

The organization's mission, vision, values

Many template scorecards to select including most popular frameworks and verticals

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Create your entire strategy following a proven process

Create and formulate  your strategy with the VNCDesigner framework enabling better decision making, while also measuring and improving business performance and productivity

KPI Management
Assign value, baseline, target, add measure units and initiatives.

Import KPI data
Import your data from MS Excel, Google Sheets & more

Strategy Maps
Automatically generate strategy maps with business goals, aligned KPIs, and cause-and-effect linking


Get into the details! Create new KPIs, adjust their settings, input KPI data, specify measurement scale, and optimization function.

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Create a Unified View of your Strategy with Strategy Maps

Rather than working out of dozens of static spreadsheets or endless presentations, VNCDesigner helps you build a simple, dynamic, and intuitive strategy that can be easily shared with team members.

VNCDesigner provides everything you need right at your fingertips. Know what is going on in your business all the time from items that are on track to those that need attention and are at risk. Get the insight you need to make the right business decisions.

Perspectives, strategic themes, business goals, and KPIs all in one place

All your business performance woven together with cause and effect linking

Ready-made and real-time reports to super-charge critical meetings

Enlightened decision-making, at breakneck speed

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Improve Progress Through Goal Alignment and Collaboration 

Achieving Goals and key results often span multiple teams. Connect goals across different scorecards and departments; tag team members and scorecards during planning to identify potential accelerators and blockers.

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Create a Balanced Plan with VNCDesigner

VNCDesigner uses the Balanced Scorecard framework focused on providing leaders with better decision making while also measuring and improving performance and productivity. VNCDesigner helps you proactively identify areas of risk and opportunity during the planning process. Don't wait until you've set your plan in motion to find out something won't work.

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Control How Your Plan is Shared

It isn’t enough to simply build your plan at one level. With VNCDesigner, you can create teams by scorecard or group of scorecards. You can drive alignment and transparency by communicating your strategic plan across the company using integrated tools, cascading and linking goals


Let VNCDesigner's Experts Help you get Started

Our strategic planning experts have helped countless Strategy and Operations leaders create, execute and measure world-class strategic plans. With guidance along every step of the way, VNCDesigner can unlock growth by taking your planning to the next level.

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Are you Ready to Create your best Strategy?

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#1 Rated Strategy Platform
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