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Create & Execute Strategy

VNCDesigner is a cloud based strategy designer software platform that helps you create actionable strategy plans delivering on business outcomes. VNCDesigner automates the core steps of the strategy planning process and creates professional and clear strategy maps, dashboard, balanced scorecard and report with ease and accuracy. The user interface is friendly and easy to use adding simplicity to normally complex tasks such as quantifying KPIs, actions and goals.

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A Short Video Overview of Strategic Planning

Snapshot in VNCDesigner Platform

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The first step in the process is to develop the foundational elements which are are mission, vision and core values.

Even if your company already has these statements in place, its still time well spent to discuss them with your team and stakeholders when embarking on a strategy planning event.

The VNCDesigner platform has a simple, user friendly approach to adding these statements and core values.

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The Proposition Step of the strategic planning process is where we formulate the business strategy proposition by transforming your ideas into a hypothesis through various strategic frameworks each providing data-driven analysis from different perspectives.

We take most frameworks one step further by using the hypothesis to identify trends that lay thoughts focused on new opportunities.

Your Designer Platform contains all the tools, frameworks and forms needed to accelerate your strategic planning journey.


This step in the process takes the strategy hypothesis to the next level of detail by using different tools producing detail strategy maps with goals, key performance indicators and action plans.

So the important information we use to develop the detail for our strategy are business goals, KPIs and Actions.

You will use VNCDesigner strategy map during this step to define, link, and organize our goals, KPIs, and actions.

VNCDesigner automatically creates a strategy map at beginning of the strategic planning process and is used as the primary reference material throughout the entire process from foundation through execution and beyond.

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The fourth step of the process when to align and cascade the top-level strategic goals to the business units and individuals across the various tiers of the organization. 

The point of cascading a goal is to get everyone in the company aligned with the big picture organizational goal, and to make 100% sure they know exactly what to do by breaking that organizational goal down into local department level supporting goals that can be easily communicated and tracked. This helps in eliminating any confusion over who owns what, when a goal needs to be accomplished, or even how to achieve a goal at the task level.


When you get to the execution step, you have all the foundation elements, strategy proposition, strategy details and cascading goals all complete with your strategy map. Now is the time to follow the logic of the goals as described on the strategy map.

  • Track leading metrics to validate the team efforts.

  • Track lagging metrics to validate achieved results

  • Work according to the defined tasks

  • Use dashboards to visualize important performance information

  • Perform a gap analysis to analyze expected performance data versus actual results.

  • Review KPIs and tasks regularly. 

  • revise strategy if you're detecting a possible new approach or hypothesis

VNCDesigner platform can help with all these needs.

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Are you Ready to create and execute a winning strategy?