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Our unique approach to optimization helps identify your company strengths and weaknesses, resulting in creation, and implementation of an actionable plan that will optimize software, infrastructure, processes, tools, and organizational teams delivering significant cost savings, performance improvements, and productivity enabling your business to thrive in the evolving landscapes of your industry.


This unique approach provides the following core deliverables:

  • Identifies and documents current processes, technology, tools, and people - provides issues, recommendations, actions

  • Prioritized recommendations & actions for areas of improvement and potential weaknesses

  • Transformation options focused on optimization enabling business objectives, cost efficiency and productivity

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Kristin Kelly-Janacek

Passionate for solving complex challenges, Kristin repetitively brings solutions to reality for the customer resulting in measurable business value by bringing forward best practices to create relevant and sustainable solutions. She brings over 15 years of experience of leadership, design thinking, strategy and complex problem solving. Each challenge she encounters, she approaches with an objective perspective and draws upon her experiences to create results tailored to the need of the situation. Most recently, Kristin was focused on the Energy and Oil industries. Her experience also includes the defense, consumer goods, and fitness technology industries, to name a few. With her proven track record with demonstrated professional skills in Digital Strategy, Operations Management, Management, Key Account Development, and Business Development, companies trust her to guide them to overcome the barriers to advance to the next stage of their evolution. She leverages approaches including big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, data modeling, optimization methods and many more to drive measurable business value to all the projects she encounters.

Digital Strategy Officer

Cost & Optimization



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Another Great Publication from Kristin


Coming Soon!

Another Great Publication from Kristin

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