Become a VNCTech Group Partner

Thinking of Joining VNCTech Group?

If you're looking to join an elite team of proven and experienced technology leaders, where you can collaborate regularly, and become a partner owner of a growing company ... then VNCTech Group is the place for you.

Our business model is locked in on working as a team to monetize our company and your personal expertise.

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Why VNCTech Group?

Our business model is focused on providing on-demand expertise and experience in technology leadership.


We are helping companies avoid major gaps by providing immediate leadership and expertise while waiting for what usually is a long employment cycle. 

If your "sweet spot" is in areas of experience, leadership and networking - you will live it at VNCTech Group!

Do you have these Attributes?


15+ years experience most recently as a senior technology leader.


Active professional network putting you as respected and credible as well as serving as your "brand"

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