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Client Stories

Trusted by Startups, PEs and Fortune 500 Companies

Proudly based in Texas USA

Turn Vision into Reality 


"We were struggling aligning goals across the company and it got worse during covid when everyone was remote. VNCDesigner training and software system helped us organize our plans and deliver success." 

Enable Efficiency


"Being a manufacturing company, we had critical efficiency goals to meet regulation requirements and needed to get organized real fast. VNCDesigner was easy to use right away with its easy interface enabling us to jump right in and get this done."

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Get Expert Guidance 

"We grew real fast in the last 2 years and now needed to get better at strategy planning and execution. The training programs were great and worth the cost by 100x! The free use of VNCDesigner during our training helped us get started real fast - easy to use and turned us into a company that can scale and grow!"


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"We had a critical software project that was all over the map concerning requirements changing and missing dates. VNCDesigner Video tutorials helped us learn how to create and execute a strategy and the VNCDesigner software simply closed the deal for us and we delivered in record time!"

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How Different Stakeholders Use

Senior Leadership Team

  • One consolidated strategic view of entire organization

  • Single source of truth about strategy - great for presenting the strategy with real and accurate information

  • Complete control of strategy through dashboards and reports


  • Strategy mapping - goals, risks, reasoning KPIs, Actions ...

  • Create tasks with budgets, timelines, statuses ...

  • Define quantifiable KPIs - measurable with targets

  • Align overall strategy with operational strategy maps


  • See aligned goals from strategy plan to understand needs

  • Create your own strategy maps with KPIs, tasks ... for aligned goals

  • Report your performance with KPIs and other tools

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How Others Implement 

in their Environments

Design, develop, Project Manage, and Validate Software 

Ready to Deliver on Your Strategy ?

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