Don’t Just Chase the Puck – Do you know how and where to position your company in the future?

By Kristin Kelley Janacek, Digital Strategy Officer at VNCTech Group 

Let us start by stating the obvious, how we work has radically shifted. We entered the year of 2020 full of hopes and aspirations for the onset of a new decade with emerging opportunities and changes. Little did we know on January 1st that our world would be transforming so rapidly and dramatically.











(Source: JPMorgan “2020 Business Leader Outlook”


Do you know where your market is heading? Do you know your market needs for 2021 and beyond? Are your customers demanding more from your company? How are your employees doing? Are they thriving in the automatic shift in work environments?

Business leaders are challenged to chart the course and create the game plan for the team. Serving customers, developing future offerings, watching market signals, and creating efficiencies in the workplace are a few of the typical tasks business leaders work on each day.

This year, the world abruptly changed. Perhaps you had a vision of ...


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