Technology Strategy Certifications

Engage all employees, leaders and teams in Industry leading technology strategy certification courses focused on enabling the blueprints needed to create and deliver a proper strategic plan. Our courses are intended to teach you how to create and deliver a strategic plan using business knowledge, models and frameworks to clearly define your organization's goals, and how you're going to achieve and track them. Each certification is on-demand and can be taken anytime anywhere.

Technology Strategy Certifications

When you are certified, you'll have the process knowledge and foundational tools you need to create and deliver a strategic plan which is properly structured with a clear set of actions upon which to work upon.  

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Our Technology Strategy Certifications are built around a the following core components 

Understand Models and Frameworks - and how to select

Model structure for creating goals

Frameworks for helping you decided what you want to work on


Governance to help you manage and track your strategy

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Clarifying the difference between strategic planning frameworks and strategic planning models:

  • Strategic Planning Model refers to the overall structure that you apply to your strategic planning process. It roughly describes the various components of the strategy, what they do, and how they interact with one another.

  • Strategic Planning Framework refers to the conceptual approach you will bring to populating your strategic plan. Typically you may use multiple frameworks within the same single model as frameworks are focused on objectives.

  • Goals refer to the specific things that you’ll be doing within your strategic plan. This will almost always include very high-level aspects such as your vision. But also more specific outcomes, actions and measures.

  • Governance refers to how you’ll go about actually tracking and reporting on the goal elements of your strategy.

Overall,  you should always start by selecting your strategic planning model and then move onto selecting your strategic planning framework(s). You could even mix and match multiple different frameworks into your model based on your objectives. Our certification courses provide everything you need to become an expert and navigate models and frameworks that best align to your business and goals.

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