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Your Strategy Hypothesis 

You will learn everything you need to know about industry standard Strategic Models & Frameworks as you go through on-demand certification courses ensuring you have core strategy frameworks knowledge and capability.  This course then moves into using the strategic planning process by implementing the BSC (and OKRs) strategy execution frameworks and strategy formulation frameworks such as SWOT, VRIO and PEST to formulate your business proposition which is a hypothesis of your company strategy.

The following parts form the core of this course 

Strategic Models - Standard, Goal-Based, Alignment, Scenario-Based
Strategic Frameworks - SWOT, PEST, VRIO, BSC, OKR

BSC / OKRs - integrate mission, vision, Core Values
SWOT / PEST / VRIO - generate specific goals and actions for your company

Strategy Designer Platform Tools and Frameworks

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Course Outline

Models & Frameworks Certifications

While we almost always combine different models and frameworks based on unique company needs (as you will see form our strategic planning process), we believe its imperative you understand the ins and outs of your core and most common industry standard frameworks and models as understood in general context.

We cover most common models and frameworks

  • Strategy Models - Standard, Goals-Based, Alignment, Scenario-Based

  • Strategy Frameworks

    • Strategy execution frameworks - Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for the overall strategy and the more lightweight OKR framework for specific challenges.

    • Strategy formulation frameworks. SWOT, PEST, VRIO that help organizations generate their business proposition and high level goals (step 2 of the strategic planning process). 

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Define Business Proposition

Using BSC, OKR, SWOT, PEST and VRIO -  Strategy Map Goals & Actions

  • BSC / OKR analysis - for overall strategy mapping and cascading communication during the entire strategic planning process

  • SWOT analysis – for reviewing a company’s options from the positions of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. 

  • PEST analysis – for an analysis of the external environment.

  • VRIO analysis for resources and capabilities.

The course also takes this to the next level by documenting the output of the frameworks analysis and converting it to an overall business proposition in your BSC strategy map. This is done by generating trends, descriptions and specific actions. In the next step of this process, we will link all actions with each other with cause and effect connections.  

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