Business Insight

Making Smarter Business Decisions

VNC Business Insight Services is specifically designed to provide leaders with data driven insight and knowledge enabling leaders to make smarter and more rapid decisions to avoid making costly mistakes while also keeping teams motivated and confident.

Data Driven Model

Via a data driven approach, we collect technical information and interview stakeholders to understand company goals, challenges and timescales. This is followed with a deep data analysis discovering observations and issues resulting in insights and actionable recommendations focused on enabling new opportunities and expected business outcomes.


Business Insight Deliverables

  • Technology & Business Strategy Mapping

  • Business Outcomes clearly defined

  • Organizational analysis & alignment

  • Process ownership

  • Information alignment

  • Insight & actionable recommendations

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Over 75 Happy Clients

Designed to prepare companies with smart decision making insight for connecting business and technology strategy, supply chain negotiations, pricing strategies, competitive awareness, understand impact of regulations on their business and more.

Typical results have included

  • Improving EBIDTA 

  • 55% revenue growth

  • 40% Margin Growth

  • Fast ROI

  • In some cases with zero budget

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