Background Screening Industry Need Dynamic Technology Leaders

By Anthony Maiello, Founder & CEO, VNCTech Group & VNC Technologies

Background investigations have been around a long time. Not too long ago most of us can remember, the only people going through background screening were those going for top secret government clearance or law enforcement jobs and those screens were mostly manual and would take many months costing a lot of money.


Of course we fast forward to today’s fast-paced, internet-centric, security-minded, and law-suit-happy world we all live in now where background screening has become the norm for everyone on the planet who is being considered for a job in the corporate world. This has rightfully resulted in the expectation that background checks today have to be fast, less expensive, extremely accurate, and compliant.


So it’s no surprise that technology is significantly changing the background screening industry as we speak. Many screening companies are carefully watching new technology disruptions and have already implemented (over the years) some sort of technology (via 3rd party and/or home grown) enabling a low cost, accurate, and fast background check process when compared to the old manual ways. But there is a long way to go.


As I look across the background screening company landscape today ...


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