Our Assessment Services deliver detailed reporting on your business's key IT Systems! Determine if new technology, including the latest cloud technology, can improve business efficiency and profits. Uncover the current state of your technology for stability, optimization and growth.

Digital Transformation Assessments
Cloud Transformation
Cloud Assessment, development, and operation of applications and environment in the cloud enabling ROI
Data Strategy
Assessment of processes, tools, skill-sets identifying and resolving gaps for current and future state needs
Software Architecture
Assessment of current state architecture identifying and resolving gaps for current and future needs
IT Infrastructure
Assessment of current state infrastructure architecture identifying and resolving gaps for future needs
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Stability & Optimization
Business Optimization
Optimize software, hardware, people, process, tools enabling cost savings and performance improvements
Application Rationalization
Catalog and eliminate duplicate and unused applications across the organization for cost savings and efficiency
Infrastructure Stability
Deliver & maintain high levels of operational stability
Software Stability
Efficiency and maintainability of applications delivering highest level of stability
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Business & Strategy
Mergers & Acquisitions
Working with M&A team on pre and post technical due diligence enabling smart decisions on acquisition
Business Resilience
Business Plan and Technology strategy alignment of activities to business outcomes with measurable KPIs
Technology Strategy
Technology strategy assessment leveraging existing technology while incorporating disruptors, aligned to business goals
Combine Business demand and technology supply lifecycles transforming infrastructure, apps, and Operations enabling growth and cost savings
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