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Making smarter decisions on cost reductions and digital transformation efforts is high on many c-level minds. Those who have the insight to eliminate duplicate applications, understand interdependencies between applications with a full economic picture delivers bottom-line value.

Your Labs Membership help you with 3 separate applications assessments designed to enable you to make smarter more strategic decisions on cost reductions and digital transformation efforts.  

  1. Application Dependency

  2. Application Rationalization

  3. Application Transformation

The Application Value program is designed to arm executives, boards and managers with data-driven insight revealing and validating actions that will produce the biggest and best business benefits.


As part of your Labs Membership we align your Applications with Technology Strategy

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Application Value Framework

Once we have insights into what your business goals and actions to get you there (Insights & Actions), it's time to take a look at your business and internal applications ability to meet these challenges. You will analyze the dependency and rationalization of your applications to understand interdependencies for effectiveness and duplication for cost savings. You then follow up with applications ability for transformation in the event you are considering a digital transformation (for example, cloud migration).

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Application Dependency
On occasion, we see companies that lack a consistent usable view of all the application relationships and interdependencies within the estate. This relationship/interdependency information is of fundamental importance when making strategic decisions (e.g. around cloud adoption, datacenter migrations, etc.). Our Application Dependency Analysis pulls together disparate data sources and provides a point-in-time view of the actual estate level complexity to help make better business decisions.


Application Rationalization
The key to improving efficiency, lowering total cost of ownership and simplification of portfolio complexity is in creating and building a successful application rationalization framework that focuses on the process of cataloging and eliminating duplicate software applications used across an organization.

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Application Transformation

For clients considering migrating a portion or all of their applications to a future state, be it the cloud, a container or a managed datacenter, they will more than likely be interested in seeing what the underlying economics of the initiative looks like from a business perspective. Combined with our Economic Value Analysis, our Application Transformation Assessment creates thorough and transparent business cases which helps analyze the current cost, projected future state costs and the projected composite investment for each application in the portfolio. 

It's time you maximize the value of your Applications 

If you're serious about maximizing the value your Applications today, let's talk.

We'll discuss your ideas, see if it makes sense, and help you understand the best next steps.

As part of your Labs Membership we align your Applications with Technology Strategy

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