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VNCDesigner Benefits

Every growing tech company has a number of technology & business strategic pieces they need to master in order to grow and sustain that growth. Each piece is important and fits together…but without each one, the plan is incomplete. Through VNCDesigner Platform, VNCTech Group provides our members with everything they need when it comes to each piece of the business strategy journey.

​Benefits of VNCDesigner Software in a nutshell
  • A greater ability to measure the progress of actions, key results and KPIs in relation to strategic Objectives and Goals

  • Centralization of outcomes through common strategy map views, so that alignment of goals occurs vertically and laterally across teams and individuals

  • Collaborative brainstorming tools to inspire and assist teams with creating strategy maps, aligning goals across teams, executing and tracking progress 

  • Integrations with existing tools such as PEST, SWOT, VRIO, BSC, OKRs and technology platforms for collaboration and data connectivity - proving ne integrated strategy platform 

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Create Strategy Map

Create Strategy

Strategy Planning

VNCDesigner is a cloud based strategy designer software platform that helps you create actionable strategy plans delivering on business outcomes. VNCDesigner automates the core steps of the strategy analysis and planning and creates professional and clear strategy maps, dashboards, balanced scorecards and reports with ease and accuracy. The user interface is friendly and easy to use adding simplicity to normally complex tasks such as incorporating frameworks and quantifying, KPIs, actions and goals.

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Mission, Vision, Core Values

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Business Proposition & Hypothesis 

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Incorporates Business Frameworks such as SWOT, PESTel, VRIO ...

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Strategy Mapping, Goals, KPIs, Actions

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Dashboards, Scorecards & Reporting

Learn Strategy Process

Learn Strategy

Networking & Training

Learn disciplined approaches on how to create a strategy map, how to find and match the best KPIs, how to use business frameworks, how to cascade and align goals and much more in planning and executing a strategy plan.  You will have opportunities to collaborate with your peers who usually have similar problems to solve as well as have access to articles and podcast on various strategy subjects. Training will challenge and test your newly learned abilities and reward you with VNC certification when you're complete. 

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Strategy Plan Training

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Frameworks Training

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Peer-Peer Collaboration

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Articles & Podcasts

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VNCDesigner Create Strategy Strip
Execute Strategy Map

Execute Strategy

Align & Deliver

With VNCDesigner strategy map cause and effect linking logic, you have clarity on the goals that contribute to other goals as well as which goals are dependent on each other for successful execution. VNCDesigner also provides goals cascading by combining OKRs, scorecards and strategy maps  that aligns and executes goals across the appropriate teams. You are also able to track and report in real time on all KPIs and actions assigned to goals ensuring the overall strategy plan goals are being met and executed.

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Link Goals with Cause & Effect Logic

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Cascading Goals across organization with OKR frameworks style

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Tracking KPIs and Reporting 

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